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artistic photo taken by qian!
we're just trying to take a silly photo
we GROWLERS met up again! and at SENTOSA again! with the intention to suntan, but erm, we stayed in the shade most of the time! HAHA! guess all the no-school-slacking-around has made us lazy-bums. the sun sapped all our energy and we just lazed around on the mat in the shade.
soon we dragged ourselves out of the shade, played a little frisbee and took silly photos! hee. we ate BEN&JERRY'S! oooh so yummy! haha. im such a fan of B&J's, bribe me with B&J's anytime and i'll give in. haha.
then we went back into the sun. we played in water, and that's when those of us who actually got burnt, got burnt. haha. my back's a little burnt, and so was qian. gil wasn't burnt at all. ah-ha! but ah-lu was burnt on the ears and the top of her feet! omg, what weird places to get burnt!
after washing up, we took the chair-lift up and went to play on the luge! gil overcame her fear of heights! whoo-hoo! haha. man, the luge was SUPER-DUPER FUN! it was such a thrill to go whoozing down the slope. gil met with an accident thrice. and the damsel in distress had to be saved by some guy, whom unfortunately wasn't a hunk to be her prince. hee.
i wanna sit on the luge again!
sentosa is always a great place to have fun under the sun. island life, love it! haha. dinner was at ikea. yummy swedish meatballs!
it was wonderful meeting up with my pals who shared precious memories with me in SA. it's always a great laugh to recall the hilarious moments back in school. if only we could turn back the clock to experience it all again. but no matter what, we GROWLERS will always be the GROWLERS! haha.

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yay! i've got a new blog layout. like it? hee.
hmm some words from the previous posts can't be seen cos i used white words, cos my previous blog background was black, unlike now it's white. so duh, the words can't be seen. oh wells...

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haven't been blogging for a long time!
well, im back from my holiday in australia (i missed Sinagpore so much!), back from ABC (Assembly Bible Camp) in batam (i wanted to stay there for one more night!), and now im still holidaying away waiting to start my course in NIE.
yes, im gonna be a teacher. surprised? haha. to some yes, to most no. i suppose it'll be a stepping stone for me to practice psychology. and im sure God has a great plan for me!
hmm now BAMK is busy for the preparation of our annual Gospel Rally, an opportunity to share the Gospel with others who have not yet known the Lord Jesus. i like the feeling of everyone being involved. it does not have to be in the mime, singing, message or any big role, but also in prayer. participation in every way brings the whole body of believers closer together, for we all share the same burden, and acknowledging the value of a soul.
the theme for this year's Gospel Rally is "The Way of Man". and instead of our usual musical or song items, this year it'll be a mime. beautiful. and erh, im gonna be the angel.
that's not the point. the point is, i have never thought much about angels, until yesterday. florence, the expert in mime, helping us in the item, gave me a piece of very interesting advice, which made me think.
she said, "in order to get into the play, and feel the emotion of an angel proclaiming God's msg, go back to the Scriptures, read about incidences when angels come before man. think about the powerful msg they have to bring forth. and most importantly, think about the scene before that. think about how God Himself gave them the msg to proclaim. think about how they felt."
wow, so much to think about. and indeed i did give it much thought. so, what do u think? angels, messengers from God, i never knew there was more to them being mere beings with light radiating off them.

-mask uncovered-