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after 6 weeks, im finally back in school today. for BT2, GP paper. gross, to start the new school term with exams.
but it was great being back in school again, walking to school and through school, with my friends, joking and laughing away, and catching up with each other after the long hols. ting cut her own hair! and she looks so cute now! i can only cut a CERTAIN SOMEONE'S hair, not anyone else's, and certainly not my own. haha.
im counting down to the end of BT2. its 3 more days!!! i can't wait. i wanna go out and shop and play! hmm actually not that i didn't shop and play during the hols, but i wanna shop and play with no guilt, like i deserve it. hee. okay, i will only truly deserve it after the actual A levels. but never mind =P
well, i've got no paper tmr, but i've gotta chiong my chem!!!

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golf is not my forte. golf is certainly smthg im gonna weary of from now on. why? because today i whacked the ball so hard with the golf club it hit shirin, and her tooth got chipped off! so here am i to express my deepest apology to you! IM SO SO SO SORRY! and i realli hope you are feeling much better now.
well story goes like this...today was the outing for all the DVC leaders and teachers, at Sentosa Mini Wonder Golf. we had to go through 18 different stations of golf courses. some were quite simple, while some were challenging. it was at our 13th station that the horrible incident took place. it was an upslope and turny kinda thing to get the ball into the hole. so i thought whacking it hard would give it enough momentum to travel the distance. and whack i did. yeah so i hurt someone in the process. sighhh, it's my violent nature. i need to learn to be less violent.
SHIRIN!!! IM SO SORRY! i just feel so bad =(
anw while talking to evelyn, eileen and dr seet (DVC organisers), it makes me want even more to go back and help out as a leader again. the DVC mood came flooding back to me. and i miss the kids again. oh the joy of working with children.
yep, working with children is great. it not only makes you feel young, but they can teach you alot of simple yet meaningful lessons of life. im now currently helping out at the Children's Corner in church, and seeing the kids learn about God, reciting memory verses and recalling Bible stories, makes me think back to the time when i was a kid learning about God, growing in God as a child. sometimes you wonder if the kids actually do remember what they learn in CC, be surprised, they do. that's good! start young, cultivate godly ways as a young child and mature on as they grow up. even i as a teenager am still growing in Christ.
The fruit of the Spirit is LOVE JOY PEACE
The fruit of the Spirit is FAITHFULNESS GENTLENESS

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OLE OLE OLE OLE!!! WORLD CUP IS EXCITING! haha. hey, this is the first time im seriously watching and following up on worls cup okay. like hello, im only into soccer starting from last year, so im still a newbie. haha. and the most exciting part of world cup is the staying up late to catch the late night games, or waking up in the early morn to watch the morning matches. hmm too bad i can't hold a world cup party, it would be even more fun watching with a big group of ppl. imagine everyone shouting GOAL!!! when a goal is scored. the whole neighbourhood will wake up! hmm then again, the neighbours might be up watching the match too! haha.
well so much for world cup. its unfortunate enough that its held in the year that im having my A LEVELS. my soccer crazy peers will agree with me for that. hee. but oh well. we'll manage, i suppose...heh heh.
yepp so in order to not feel guilty for watching tonight's game, i shall go do some studying now. toodles!!! =D

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DVC OI!!! sighhh im suffering from DVC (discovery vacation camp) withdrawal syndrome. spending 5 whole days with the kids, i got so attached to them and they with me, and NOW I MISS THEM!!!
well, at first i kinda regretted signing up to be a leader of DVC. cos im spending one whole week at camp, that means no time for studying. and everyone knows how much i can study in one week. ya, so its kinda like wasting my time. BUT NO! as the days went by, i knew i wouldn't regret what i was doing. i enjoyed myself so much. and it was like a very fufilling job, being able to work with kids. i took care of P2 and P3 kids. A7 OI!
at mac ritchie
i met all sorts of kids. cute ones, naughty ones, rebellous ones, ah-beng ones, spoilt ones, gu-niang ones, sticky ones etc etc, you get my point. you may think that kids are innocent little beings, but sorry you are so wrong! my goodness. these kids can pull ur limbs off! like what they almost did to me and the others. but well, i got to relive my primary school days. playing catching, mr. wolf, pepsi-cola and blind mice. i haven't played those games for ages! i couldn't rmb how to play them.
oh a tip: when you make a promise to a kid, rmb to carry it out. or dun make empty promises. kids will rmb what you promised them!
and these kids are smart. SMART i tell you. they learn things that i learnt in secondary school or now! things like the browning of fruits, air and water pressure etc. i feel so stupid.
bringing them to mac ritchie was a challenge. man, i felt like their maid. helped them carry their stuff, help them wear their rain coat, hold their hand. and they kept complaining about the hot sun when the sun was out, and the rain when the rain came down, and that they are very tired from all the walking when they onli walked less then 3km! tsk tsk, kids...

my parnter, Nora, is a super funny girl. she is good at handling kids. and she has helped at DVC for the past 2 years already. and she'll be helping again nxt week. wah! she must have a lot of energy to take up another week. too bad this time she'll be taking the upper pri kids. ALONE. all the best girl! my 3 favourite boys

i realli enjoy talking to the kids. when you talk to them, you can really understand how they think. and they tell you alot of interesting and amusing stuff. kids these days, they say the darnest things. haha.

DVC leaders: gil, shirin, leanne, me and weifen

well, after those 5 days, though tired and drained as we are, i dare say that all of us enjoy ourselves alot. i learnt alot from this camp. not onli did i learn stuff i nvr knew in school, but also how to handle kids better. seriously. and i think i developed alot of patience through this. kids are not easy to handle. *breathe in breathe out* I MISS THE KIDS!!!

to see all the pics i took --> http://mwee1.photosite.com/dvc-mykidsandi

Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red and yellow, black and white
All are precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world!

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