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yesterday mr goh killed a cockroach by stepping on it, and picked it up using a pair of thongs.
he threw his socks away.
yesterday my brother killed a cockroach in his room by spraying an overdose of air-fresherner at it.
he sprayed more air-fresherner to freshen the place up.
yesterday mervyn killed a lizard by chasing it into the toilet and whacking it with a pair of slippers, and flushed it down the toilet bowl.
i almost screamed the place down, and i made him flush 3 times before i dared to step into the toilet!

so as you can see, it was a cockroachy-lizardy day yesterday. yucks. good thing the occurance of lizard encounters was less than cockrach encounters! haha and it was bad enough! I DO NOT LIKE /DETEST /HATE LIZARDS! eeks!
i like going for tuition. i think i can just camp at mr goh's house and bombard him with questions everyday. tuition sessions are always interesting. today me, merv, ah-lu and phil were like mosquitoes running away to stay alive. haha. here's what happened...
we arrived at mr goh's house at 2pm to find that he was not home yet, cos he needs to pick his kid up from school. so he asked us to wait at the poolside and will call us when he's back. so that's what we did. ah-lu brought keropok, so we picniked by the pool, enjoying the sun and talking. THEN, smoke started eveloping us from all around! ahhh...it was a friday, fumigation day!!! we tried covering our faces, but the smoke got thicker, so we ran to below the block where there was no fumes YET. then the smoke started coming again, we ran into the lift lobby. we decided to check out the basement. heh lo and behold, when we opened the carpark door, more smoke!!! we ran into the lift and went to the top floor. when we thought we were free from smoke, more smoke started rising from the bottom floor to the top level! argh! so we decided to just camp outside mr goh's door away from any smoke. we sat there eating the rest of the keropok and listening to mr brown. we were like some naughty kids who got thrown out of the house. haha. then finally mr goh came back! wow what an adventure!
didn't know going for tuition can be so fun huh. haha.

43 more days to the end of A levels!!!

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the cast of Pinnochio!

chocolate fondue!!! yumss

haha i suppose im not longer a kid, so by right i do not celebrate Children's Day, but this year, i had a fun Children's Day, camoufladging as a kid. hee!
well, you see, i was helping out the at CC during the children's day special, and i together with, Baba, Toke, Enling, Melissa F., Cherie, Lucius and Linus, put up a skit Pinnochio for the kids. it was great seeing the kids having so much fun. and they were given a balloon sculpture each! hee i had one too...see who's the kid now. haha.
the best thing is, there was so much yummy food! haha the aunties sure know how to feed the kids. hee.
sigh i wish i could go back to those carefree days of being a kid, when life was less complicated. but, no use looking back, look forward! press on to the finishing line!
46 days to the end of A Levels!!!!

-mask uncovered-