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wah been eating so much lah! so many pineapple tarts! think i eat an avergae of 10 a day. man, i feel so fat. dun worry ppl, im not anorexic or anything, haha im still eating alot. haha. just need to find some way to burn the fat off. heh.
cny is fun, as of every year. this year was spent differently though. we had our reunion dinner very early (ard 4 or 5 pm) cos ah-mai had to fly back to australia, and her flight was at 8 plus. new year's day itself was a sunday, so my family went for morning worship first before going to popo's house. and this year instead of just sitting around in the house, my cousins and i went out shopping! whee. hmm though there weren't many shops open, we still had fun walking around and shopping in those few shops that were open, erm like watsons and guardian pharmacy! hahaha. oh and we had a drink at starbucks.
second day of cny: went amy's house to bai nian. there was alot of food! then eat eat eat again. haha as usual con would crack us up with all her nonsense. haha, great time laughing away. then after that, me and mervyn wanted top catch a movie, "i not stupid too" but tickets were all sold out and same goes for every other movie! sighh. so we ended up sitting in kfc talking away. hmm guess it was a blessing in disguise. we talked from 5 plus to 8 plus. then we went to my house bus stop and talk somemore. then we talked even more in my house. haha by the time we said our byebyes was 11 plus! hahaha. then i talked to enling on the phone until 12 plus. phew!
third day of cny: went to mello's place. she treated us to pizza hut. this gathering onli had me, nanz, sam, siti and mello. the rest couldn't make it. nevertheless we had fun chatting and catching up with each other's lives. after lunch we went up to mello's room and stayed there and talked. we talked about everything under the sun, mainly about our love lives. haha. guess its a topic all girls will talk about at this age. hee. its been more than a year since we graduated form secondary school, and yet we still meet up with each other, which i thnk is realli great. and the even more wonderful thing is that our inner selves have not changed, we're still the same crazy bunch we were back then. =D
so you see my cny hol was spent eating and talking. guess this year's hol was realli one meaningful one. now i understand when ppl say cny is a time when ppl get together and spend time with each other. sounds cliche but it's true! hahaha. IT'S THE REASON TO EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY! hee.

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wow this is one eventful day.
cny celebration: carnival, where we all just sat around eating and talking. the girls, tried entertaining oursleves by playing silly games like "tortoise, tortoise, jump!" and some "hamburger, coke and fries" game. haha! hey, it managed to reduce boredom and helped pass time faster. haha. and it was fun. after the carnival was followed by the concert. hmm it was more exciting than i thought. i almost died laughing. our class can make a joke out of anything. oh i forgot to add, even before the celebration started we had 5 PERIODS OF CHEM! thankfully it was practical cum tutorial, so it wasn't all that bad. haha. managed to survive. heh.
this is the first time in my whole entire life where cny celebration ended later than a normal school day. argh. oh and my class lau yu sheng! whee!
after all the celebration, i went to wisma with gil, shirin, leanne, bk and eunice. we all followed shirin to collect her phone. haha. then we headed to food republic to eat lunch/dinner. eunice left after eating, while the rest of us stayed on. me and shirin shared a bowl of ice-kachang without kachang! hee. oh and can you believe it? we stayed there for like almost 3 hours talking away! they call it a gossip session, but i call it a secret sharing seesion. heh. we talked about alot of things. things that i never thought i would ever get to know. and things that set me thinking...
now im beginning to look at people in a different light. in a way that i never thought they were. guess everyone has their 2 sides. even for myself, i wonder how others see my other side. or do they even see it?
sigh, so many things have happened so quickly within this month alone. so fast, i can hardly take it in. and i dun get how things are unfolding. like why on earth is it happening this way? its realli stupid, and its getting on my nerves.
anw, me, shirin, leanne and bk (gil left us to meet her mum) went to ps for a while before going home. and wow am i tired!
it was realli great being able to talk to my classmates like that. spending hours talking to them about stuff. it was so nice, i actually sacrificed the last episode of the 9pm show! managed to catch the last 15 mins of it though. haha.
yay finally cny is coming. but i no mod leh. realised that as the years go by, i start to lose the joy of festive seasons, which is realli sad. i onli feel like eating pineapple tarts. heh.

for more details, read shirin's blog...

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the flower stands tall and strong in the midst of the garden. the grass surrounds the flower and spreads its fullness all around it, providing protection from any harm that might come near it. other weeds may seem as a threat to the flower, but with the grass around, the flower need not worry about anything. but is that what the flower really wants? and well, the sky, the sun and the clouds just overlooks everything.

whoa! yesterday was SAJC's Annual Cross Country. and it was the first and the last cross country that i ever ran with all my might. seriously. in the past i either was on duty, walked or just slow jog all the way. this year i ran. really tired to run. oh well, in the end came in as 101. nice number huh. anw, loyfatt won both the boys and the girls race! whee! and 2 of the prize winners came from S76! yippee!!! wilfred and jacky. haha. and after the event we were supposed to have a class outing to celebrate wilfred's birthday. well guess sometimes going out in one big group isn't easy. so in the end, me, worm and ting went to gil's house to slack, before meeting them again in the evening for dinner. and man, did we slack! we sat in front of the tv watching tv for like dunno how many hours, watching the channel u ads. haha. we ate alot of gil's pineapple tarts! hee. then gil dragged out her mattress then immediately we all rushed for it. we ended up sleeping! me and gil slept the longest. 2 hours plus! haha. we woke up, bathed, and watched more tv before leaing the house.
onli me and ting joined the class for the dinner. gil had tuition, worm, she's just din wanna go. when me and ting reached marina (we had steamboat dinner!) they already started cooking and eating. it was great! the atmosphere for eating and having fun was there. hahaha. we had to cook live crabs and prawns. they were still moving when we cooked them! eeewww. haha. class gatherings are always full of vibes. haha.
when everyone was more or less done eating, they went to the arcade to play. i was wearing the team sajc shirt, with the school crest on it, so can't enter. so i waited with ting at the bus stop. xiuli joined us. when ting left, the 2 of us went to bu the bubble solution, and blew bubbles! bubbles never fail to cheer me up. every time i see bubbles floating in the air, i feel so great, so happy, so relaxed. yepp. bk joined us soon afterwards. we stood by the sidewalk playing with bubbles. it got me so high! haha. then it was time to go home. it felt as though there was no school the next day. argh
okay today is wilfred's actual birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
and today in school, everyone who came (onli 20 of us) were like dead to the world. so tired, so sleepy, so lathargic. heh. i was sleeping every tiny break there was. man, i feel like a pig. haha got influenced by a certain someone. sleep sleep sleep. and sleep is never enough. haha. and i didn't go for training. was seriously too tired. went home and slept like a log till dinner time. haha.
tmr's cny celebration in school. bleh still got lessons. so siannn...

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hmm why issit when i spend the whole day sleeping i still feel tired at the end of the day, and when i onli slept for 4 hrs last night, i feel so high and energetic today? there's something seriously wrong with me.
i stayed up with dad to watch the man-u versus liverpool match. mum almost kicked us out of the room cos she wanted to sleep. HAHA. oh well, might as well get used to it since the world cup is coming. it'll be much worse. haha.
hmm had like 7 periods of free time lah. no econs and ms tan din come, so no physics. wow. hey at least i went to the library to do some work. yay. but thing is, our library faces the basketball court. so when we saw the guys playing bball, me, qian and gil rushed down to play with them. haha. im so happy everytime i get to play bball. hee. it gets me all high. seriously. ask ting, she knows best. cos she's the victim of my highness. i think i almost drove her nuts! haha.
we played floorball for pe. wah, ting not bad arh. its her game man! top scorer for today! scored 3 goals out of 4! hahaha. well, she likes the game. cos it's a violent game! she's a violent girl! worse than me. serious. haha.
well stayed back in school after pe. wanted to play bball again, but no ball. so in the end, me and gil went to help eunice paint some boxes for the mascots of loyfatt, for cross country. hee so fun. went home smelling of turpentine and paint. eeks. we even had to go around potong pasir to ask for cardboard boxes. haha. the people are nice, they gave it to us knowing that its for school stuff, othewise they wouldn't have given it away.
wow yet another monday.
I KNOW, I KNOW EVERYTHING. 97 days left to go...counting down! heh *evil grin*

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wow one day of staying at home and not going to school can realli make a difference. for the past few days, i 've been feeling rather lathargic and no mood to do anything. could sense that im falling sick, so mum made me stay at home yesterday. and wow was it the right choice. haha. i slept for almost the whole day lah. PIG. then back in school today, i was so high. partly cos i started the day singing with shirin. starting the day with a song can realli make my day! haha.
so yeah and because of that i was singing the whole day! and me and ting were realli high the whole day trying to speak in accents. she in her southern american, and i in my indian accent. my goodness, it was totally crap! and i almost died laughing. i'll live to a ripe old age, cos laughing makes you live longer. haha some crap theory of mine.
oh and today during me period, ms tan made us act out what we girls hope the guys to be and vice versa. haha. it was alot of fun. so here are the results:
1. more matured
2. nicer to bernard
3. less smelly! hee
4. less dilly dally, wishy washy
1. more sporty
2. more united
3. less noisy
4. less indecisive
well, we'll see whether there is any change in behaviour from us after this! haha.
oh guess what? yesterday 11 ppl din turn up for school lah. well guess we all decided that it was not a good day to go to school. heh skip 2 hours of gp, and 1 and half hr of chinese! made our teachers damned pissed. haha.
okay, back to today. after school, me, qian, gil and worm went to ps to shop for a present. we had a hard time searching for an ideal present. and of cos we being girls will look at other stuff as well. haha. okay, anw so we finally settled on smthg, smthg which we contemplated on for a long time. haha. but i must say, im quite pleased with what we bought. haha. im not revealing anything...hee.
whee CNY is just round the corner! im in the cny mood. start to eat pineapple tarts already. yummy! haha. so exciting! yayyy...
"im so happy and there's a reason why. Jesus took my burden all away!"

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i think i can't do anything right. nothing.
but one i know i CAN do for sure, and very well for that. that is MAKING A FOOL OF MYSELF! ooh am i good at that. ARGH!
someone just shoot me.

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i wonder what it'll be like when march approaches. HOT SEASON! argh. maybe i should stop complaining about the rain and be thankful for it now. rain rain rain. *listen to the rhythem of the falling rain*
okay i got some food for thought here.
there is a clock placed in the middle of a field. when people walk by they may wonder what it's doing there, and will think that the clock is out of place. no one will really know why the clock is there, only the person who placed it there.
so put it in the context of God and us. no one knows why we are placed here on earth, only God knows, because He has put us here, and with a reason. there is a purpose for us here, while we are living on this earth. thus it is for us to find out what is our purpose. and till we do, keep seeking and praying. for there is God who cares.
these are the words of my soccer coach. he and i were having a random talk with jiaying. so yeah here's an extract from our conversation.
yepp, had training today. whoa, the first time we had such slack PT with coach around! haha. cos there were the j1s. they came to try out soccer as a cca. and wah so many of them, like 30 plus. and there was this j1, can't rmb her name, said that she thought i was a j1! my goodness, i dunno whether to consider that a compliment or as an offensive statement. heh. okay, in any case, it felt good to be a senior. haha somehow.
just when i thought all my problems are all solved, new ones start creeping in. they just dun leave you alone, don't they? sigh. BIG SIGH. and realising that others are going through problems of their own, makes me feel that i shouldn't be frustrating over my own problems, but rather think of how to help others.
this is life, face it.

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so much for singing the rain rain go away song. its still raining! argh. i didn't get to blog about yesterday. anw, it was a public holiday yesterday: hari raya haji. and like most hols, i should be sleeping till the late morning. but no, its wasn't the case yesterday! my crazy father woke the whole family up at 6:30 in the morning and dragged us to mac ritchie to jog the cross-country route! like hello?! people need their beauty sleep here! ARGH. in any case we ran the trail. and oh my goodness, i ran the guys route! which is 4.8km! explains why im feeling half dead. the thing is i didn't even know whch route to take and end up taking the longer one. stupid. my fitness better improve after this. the worst thing is it started raining halfway. by the time i reached the finishing end i was drenched. blehz. i can't believe i did that on a public holiday. my dad is mad. haha.
and today, rain again. its still raining now. but thankfully the rain held back for a while during pe! haha. and we got to play captain's ball! yayyy... i realised how different it is to play captain's ball with my class and with church ppl. haha. vast difference! today was the most slackiest captain's ball game i played. in terms of rules not fitness. wah can bounce ball, can run with ball and got no boundaries!hahaha. but i guess both are equally fun! haha.
fun is fun, back to the books now. blehz.

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rain rain, go away, come again another day. little children, little children, little children want to play!
wahhh its been raining non-stop for a few days now. siannn... the gloomy weather affects my mood. haha. but not today! cos today despite the rain, i got to play bball!!! yipee! FINALLY! been itching to play for some some time. im so happy!
today ended lessons with pe. whee. had pe indoors, running around the campus for warm ups, and sprinting. then it was bball time! me, qianling and gil starting shooting first. we chose the net furthest away from the cafe. haha. in this campus, the bball court is right smack next to the cafe! so malu lah, we all no bball skill. haha. the onli thing we can do is shoot 2-pointer balls. haha. the guys came to join us after their game of soccer. the rain started to pour heavily, so we waited in the cafe till all was left was drizzles. then we went out to play again! whee! we played match, 3 on 3. the serangooners: me, wilfred and jacky. versus the rest: gil, tze kwang and jeff. haha. great game! when ppl started to leave and we were more tired, we played ABC shooting. wahaha. 2- pointers, my best, 3-pointers, i suck! jeff was so pek chek cos he was stuck at the 2-pointer line for like forever! jacky's best move, air-ball. and wilfred, erm he was just stuck at the first point for a long time. okay so he did proceed on later. haha! wah and finally jeff scored from the 3-pointer line, and the game was over! yay, cos i was realli hungry. haha. so after washing up, we went to mac pherson kopitiam to have dinner. wow we had porridge, satay and oyster omellette. haha. the guys arh, so ah pek! cos shoes wet, so sat with the shoes off. hot cos of long pants, so sat with pants rolled up. hahaha. wah, but nevertheless it was a great dinner. oh and forgot to mention, the uncle selling the oyster omellette called wilfred yandao when he went to order! wahaha. i couldn't stop laughing! haha. after a very filling meal, we went home. i had a great time laughing during the bus ride home. but i shall not disclose the details here. haha. thinking about it now, is making laugh like a retarded in front of the com! hahhaa.
yay! tmr's a public holiday!!!

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wow, it's friday already! that means the first week of school is almost over! and the weekends are here! hee everyday i look forward for the weekends, just so i can go to church. hmm not that school is bad, realli it isn't all that bad. its realli great with all my frens around and with a great class of 05S76! but of cos yp on saturdays never fail to be more exciting.
i guess i can say im enjoying school. but the thought of sitting for the A levels at the end of the year brings fear and anxiety. i realli want to cast those fears away, and just trust God to bring me through smoothly. and yes, im gonna try. i believe that this year will be a fulfilling one, like last year, or even better. yepp.
anw, today i had 5 periods of chem and 5 periods of break. whoa. today was quite slack. but the sleepy feeling was in the air. somehow we all were feeling very sleepy. hmm come to think of it, its rather weird. we should be energised after the hols, but instead we seem to be more worn out. i bet its not cos of studying. haha. in any case, we were all half dead during lessons. heh.
i realli dun understand why our school field has to be in such a bad condition when its a new school. the field is super uneven and filled with holes here and there. as a result, we are unable to use the field for trainings. and we have to make our way to st.wilfrid's field to train there. its in boon keng, sounds near, but its actually quite far. sighhh. go all the way there, and we have onli 1 hr plus to train cos we booked the field up till 5pm. argh. well, its great to be back in training. or rather back to exercising. i must admit i was lazy to self train my fitness during the hols. so i felt very unfit. and now running again makes me feel nice. haha. gillian, if you read this, i know you'll think im mad. hahaha.
the first week of year 2006. wow. i think my mood swings are acting up again. cos there are some times i dunno whether to feel sad or happy. seriously. its like everything is all in a whirl. i feel happy cos im SUPPOSED to be free of problems. but there are certain things that will cause me to feel depressed, and i try not to allow it to affect my happiness, so i force myself to be happy. so i dunno if im genuinely happy or if im genuinely sad. argh, i dun think im even making sense, but yeah. at least reading some verses from the bible, or singing some songs or hymns will assure me that
God is in control of everything. its comforting to know that. so guess i'll be genunely happy in time to come. =D

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WHOOHOO~ welcome to the new year of 2006!!! whee today was the first day of school! and it was great! seriously. seeing everyone again (esp 05S76! and the growlers!) makes me all excited and gives me the back-to-school mood, a good one.
well now that SA has moved to potong pasir, and its SO near my house, i take like only 15 mins to go to school! first time in my whole entire life my school is near my house! haha. erm, but i was still late for school today. okay, maybe not late, but just on time. in time for morning assembly. why? cos my dear qianling took the late train and we had to wait for her so we could walk into school together. wahahaha. great way to start the new school tearm huh. indeed so! and when we got into line on the track, the first thing that caught my eye was kenneth's brown hair. oh my goodness, i can't believe kenneth dyed his hair! hahaha im rather amused by it.
anw, our homeroom is on the 4TH LEVEL! argh, we have to climb 4 levels everyday just to get to our homeroom. i'll be too lazy to go down to the cafe for breaks. so sad. hmm maybe i will eat less this way. haha. at least now we are not wanderers going from place to place for lessons. we've got a homeroom, and we get to decorate it! so exciting. haha.
okay we started our day with 2 one and a half hr lectures. chem was first. and we sat through the first one hr in the hot stuffy lt! the aircon wasn't on yet! the heat was unbearable. i kept asking shane to fan harder so i could feel the wind too. haha! thankfully the aircon came on after that. erm but we still weren't able to concentrate during lects. esp the maths lect. argh.
the cafe is realli small. we had to squeeze our way through the crowd to get find a table. and from the table to the stalls and back to our table again. blehz. we should suggest for an upper cafe! haha.
on the first day of school and i had to be sabo-ed by my dear class. thanks alot. now i kena arrowed to be the gp time-keeper cum secretary! sheesh! oh and wilfred got the job too. poor us. argh.
haha i think the realli sad thing is that there is no more street soccer court for the guys. you should see how deprived they are. they even resorted to playing an imaginary ball in the homeroom! my goodness! well, good thing for them, there's a court near SAV. from now on, that court can be considered a property of SA. cos the guys from SAJS, SAS and SAJC will hog the place. hahaha. remember that soccer is their life. hee.
it's realli exciting to start this new school term. and i can't believe we're j2s! man, sound so old. i dun even feel senior yet. i can see a tough yet fun and exciting year ahead of us. it's great to have my pals to go through this with me. yep, so tmr's the second day at school. wow.

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