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i haven't been blogging cos i've been so occupied by the Da VinCi Code. first the movie then the book. yeah i know, you must be wondering why im reading the book only now. well, let's just say i've only plucked up the courage to read it recently. and besides i think i wouldn't be able to understand what's going on if i just read the book without watching the movie. sure, it's slightly different, but watching it is much more comprehensible than just reading the book. it's too complex for my oh-so-simple mind. haha.
i must say that i was rather intrigued by the Da VinCi Code. yes, i know the stuff written in there is all against my belief, but i shall not start a religious debate here. but im amazed by all the codes and clues and stuff. a thriller! so exciting. im easily impressed and excited as you can see. haha. maybe cos i have not read a wide range of books, so i find this a realli great book. well, my dad says its not a very impressive book. so guess i need to read up more to further impress myself. haha. oh! and after watching the movie, it makes me want to visit the Louvre is Paris! it is such a magnificant building! so preeeetty! and i wanna see the Mona Lisa. hee. okay, Paris is at the top of my places-i-wanna-travel-to-when-i-have-the-time-and-money list. haha.
anw, Da VinCi aside, the holidays have officially started! OFFICIALLY cos i've been "holidaying" for the past 2 weeks already. erm, i considered my MC a "holiday". heh. and this "holiday" or rather self-study period, im gonna spend mugging. you know, once i've psychoed myself that studying is not such a bad thing, and you probably can find some pleasure out of it, i've found some motivation in studying! haha. you must think im mad, but well, always look on the bright side of life right? so, studying ain't so bad. its just how you look at it and treat it. hee.
the Morning Ministry message on sunday by Uncle Kian Huat makes me wanna change how this blog is functioning right now. hmm tell me, is this blog portraying a life of a Christ-like teenager at all? erh, i guess not. so things are gonna change around here. im challenged so im bravely gonna take up the challenge! it's not easy but i'll try my best, okay? =D
well, from Haggai 1:7 we're asked to "consider our ways", which means to set our priorities right, like what and who is most imporatnt in your life right now? God? family? friends? studies? pleasures of life? get that right. it's important to know what's important. perhaps im struggling with that right now, that's why i feel so challenged after listening to the message that morning. things are going very unexpectedly for me these few years. things i never fathom would ever happen to me happened. life is full of unpredictables. and it's up to us to discover them. lots of FAITH and TRUST in GOD will bring you far in life. and that's what i need now. but im blessed to know that there are more than one set of footprints walking alongside mine...
"For I know the plans that I have for you, says the Lord, plans that will bring you peace and not evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

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wonder what im doing here so late at night? hmm actually i wonder too. well guess i just can't sleep, and decided to type some thoughts down...
i've been doing alot of blog hopping these few days at home. and read the different styles of ppl blogging. what they say, what they think, how they put it out in words to express themselves, and most importantly, how their lives are. for some ppl its like, "WHOA! i din know that!" for others its just, "orh, like that arh." but overall im amazed. realli, i am. im amazed at how ppl think, how they live their lives, and how they decide to share their experiences on their blog. interesting, realli.
blogs are realli an outlet for ppl to vent their anger, share their happiness and express any form of emotion. and you can actually deduce alot just by reading one's blog. okay, so maybe it takes a little more than a nosy attitude to infer and read in between the lines. haha. i guess it's a different level of thinking. heh. sounds chim, but its rather simple actually.
so ppl, tell me, what can you deduce when reading my blog? haha. or issit just simple, pure and innocent daily entries of plain mel? hmm perhaps that's all there is to it.
food for thought aye?
im off!

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i went to school today!!! FINALLY! like after, let's see...14 days! wow, seriously didn't know it was that long! haha. but well...
haha i went to school today was for phototaking. hee. it was great! 05S76 finally got a big family picture! hmm ya hor, actually come to think of it, we never realli had a proper FULL CLASS PHOTO before. someone or other will be absent from it. but today we finally got the FULL CLASS PHOTO! whee! the guy who took our photo was realli nice. we got so many shots! haha i think this is the first time in my whole entire life that i enjoyed phototaking day. in the past all the photos turned out horrible. erh, please dun go finding my past year books. you'll just die laughing at my pics. sucks, seriously.
we got to see our pics on the guy's laptop. hee the growlers had one special shot of our own, and it looked great! cos we had a nice background of the blue sky! hee. and the pic taken by shirin, michelle and elsa was soooo cute! haha. the guys took their soccer team photo. haha had the star players one as well. see, we had so much fun! can't wait to get the year book next year! me and gillian didn't regret coming to school today =D
speaking of gillian, she's flying off to HongKong. oooh her flight is NOW! lucky girl. bet she's gonna shop till she drops! haha. buy me lotsa presents! heehee.
hmm it was great to be back in school, though i din attend any lessons at all. i got to eat sandwich! i missed it okay. the next time i'll be back in school will be when school reopens and its the start of Block Test 2! bleh. well, till then i'll be having fun AND mugging. or rather, trying to mug. erh, guess fun and mug dun exactly go along very well. but i'll try my best. i'll go nuts if i mug my way through the june hols. they dun call it the HOLIDAYS for nothing! haha.
okay, gotta go hit the books...i think...=D

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my sis...wonder what she's doing...
hee the 3 of us...
haha the 2 of us...
back to the 3 of us =D
wheee!!! i love my new blog layout!!! so preeetttyyy and GREEN! hee. okay so as you can see im realli realli realli bored with nothing else better to do. this morning i woke up, i felt so sian. i watched tv. some funny guy in the jungle running around trying to save his sweet-heart. okay, lame, but i was bored. then i knew i needed to start doing some work. sheesh. i stared at my table for half and hour! not doing anything at all. just sat there and stoned. haha. stone. so i thought i might as well do smthg productive. hee so yep, here's my new blog layout! haha! im so pleased with myself! *grinz*
oh those pics up there were taken on sunday. hee its been a long time since the 3 crazy us took so many crazy pics. hmm maybe we should take more videos like the last time. haha its hilarious!

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one week of mc can do alot good as well as harm to me. haha. i dun feel like studying (erh, like who does?) and i want to go out of the house to PLAY! but of cos my mum will never allow that, not for the time being at least. guess my platelets aren't exactly soaring high yet, so all i can do is rot at home and blog here. blehz.
well yesterday i spent alot of time watching tv. haha. the feeling of being able to slack is simply great. but this feeling can't stay for long, gotta get back to the books soon before i totally lose my momentum of studying, and i screw my Block Test 2 again. sheesh. how sad.
shirin came to visit me at home, and brought along the whole pile of hwk and notes that i missed out in school. you should see how big the pile is, its disgusting. i onli managed to copy my maths notes and i got distracted and came online. haha.
shirin was updating me about the on-goings in school, and man, i missed out ALOT! haha all the happening stuff. believe it or not, i can't wait to get back to school. okay, of cos not to study, but to get back to the exciting life. seriously, staying at home and rotting away is nowhere near exciting. i need to spice up my life, after one week of moaning and groaning in bed! haha.
hmm the growlers are coming to visit later. wow, it feels like a month since i've seen them. haha. i miss them.

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hey hey hey!!! i survived the great ordeal!!! haha. i can finally get out of bed, walk without staggering, eat without puking, and I DUN FEEL SICK ANYMORE! i am so happy! believe me, being sick IS NOT NICE! so ppl, those who said they'd rather be sick then to go to school, you better take back your words.
i have not gone to school for a week, and i still have mc for another week. oh in case you are wondering what disease i was suffering from, its dengue fever. blehz.
i started having a high fever of 39.0, no one thought it would be dengue. then i started having stomach problems, mum thought it was gastric flu. then one morning at 4am, my stomach was so bad, mum had to send me to A & E. then tadaa, they found out i've got dengue. got sent to the cdc.
well through it all, though i had to go through alot of pain and stuff, im glad to know that so many ppl care. my family, who realli saw me through this. mervyn, who nvr fail to cheer me up and take good care of me. my darling class of 05S76, who are always so thoughtful and caring. my great bunch of friends from PLC, who came to visit me the moment i knew i could be discharged. and everyone else for all your prayers, love and care! thank you so very much!
phew, im still feeling kinda weak. even sitting here and typing makes me feel tired out. all i've got to say is: EXTERMINATE THOSE MOZZIES!!!

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