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eh sorrie guys...my blog is under repair..haha dunno wat happened but yeah there's some kind of problem..hmmm think its gonna take a rather long time before its "repaired"...well after O's? hee mayb i should change my layout too..haha okay anw today's physics prac..qn is quite tricky..im blogging in my mum's lab..supposed to be helping her but well im slacking on the job..anw im going out wif mama later..hee..kkz tt'a all for now! =)

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hee went open housing today. acjc and sajc. haha went early to get goodie bag. eh i know typical singaporean. so kiasu. hey! dun blame me. my khakis sarah joleen and zhiyu are in it too. haha. hmm we went to ac first. the school building was rather classy. the ppl too. they had alot of interesting ccas but no odac =( may consider going ac. oooh ac has alot of cute guys (evaluated by jo, zy and me) haha. nxt we took a cab to sa. wah when we entered there was this atmosphere of fun. dunno maybe it's just me. sa is much more ra-ra and they seem to have a stronger school spirit. but the building is very old. hmmm sa is gonna move to the new campus in 2006. sigh it'll be our second year. i want to go sa! they have odac too! hee i wish i can just go to jc and participate in many ccas and dun study. haha dream on mel. *dreaming* hmm saw quite a few smss gals at the open houses. saw seniors, grace and cousin samuel. haha alomost didn't recognise him. hee.
after open housing we went to habour front to have lunch at pastamania. then i dragged sarah to go for yp. haha well we had fun. too bad she had to go early and couldn't play captain's ball. hee (next time must play hor).
today during captain's ball i jumped into a pool of water (unknowingly) and got my shoes all soaked! my t-shirt and face got splattered by water too. sigh. how clumsy. haha. but still it was fun!
mental note to self: i must not play so much. must start mugging!
oh btw..isaac yee! u owe me one for making me wait for u today! and u didn't turn up! still sleeping! hmph. haha k lah =P

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whoo hoo chem prac over liao...sick i think i screwed it...blehz...dunno lah but i can't help it since its already done =) hmmm anw i've been studying in amk library n find it quite a conducive place to study..haha thing is the place always so crowded then i hav to use the sofas as tables...well still i like it there...finally a place where i can study...
im bored dun feel like typing anything here
ahhhh i hav so many things to say but its juz too much to type it out

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wahhhh i hav been neglectling my poor blog...hmmm anw now im back...so shall try to write smthg nice to make up for the lost times...haha...okay its drawing nearer n nearer to O's...n im starting to freak out...so much studying to do n i dun even feel the least prepared..oh no..this is bad..im still playing so much during the weekends..going for yp etc..but even if i sit at home n try to study nothing goes in...its tried n proven...sigh...wat m i gonna do???!!! *relax mel...breathe in breathe out* haha take one step at a time...okay enuff of moaning n groaning...
yesterday went to j8 wif zhiyu n sarah..haha zhiyu ate beef noodles n she kept complaining abt the cow's stomach..haha hilarious...then after tt the 3 of us took neoprints..haha so fun...we found other 4e5 girls in j8 too n we ended up taking another neoprint...9 of us squeeze into the np..oh elisa was in it too...she was the onli one not in polka dots..n we drew mickey mouse ears for her! heehee...haha this is called stress relieve..man sometimes i dun feel like a sec4 who's gonna take o lvl...haha...
oh grandma is admitted in the hospital...she has severe kidney failure, low bloodcount, low heart rate and her left lung is 3/4 filled wif water...haiz muz pray for her..
yep so in the end i've got alot of things to say huh?haha...guess im gonna hav to neglect my blog for quite some time again...dunno when i'll be back... ...

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sigh dun feel like blogging anymore..sianzzzz...nuttin much to say...juz tt life's realli boring now...sigh sigh sigh...

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