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hello everyone. are you wondering what happened to me? haha. i was MIA for like dunno how long. heh. but dun worry, im back now. but no promises that i'll continue to be here that often anymore.
wel, i shall skip many chapters of the past and focus on the present. which means, Christmas!

Christmas isn't Christmas, till it happened in your heart.
Christmas is the story of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. and the story of the manger comes with the story of the cross. this song keeps playing itself in my head:
Were you there to see
My Lord ung on the cross

Suffered the cruelties
Endured the mock and scorn
The crown of thorns and nails
Pierced into His hands and feet
All the pain and shame were all for you
For you for you

Were you there to see
The compassion in His eyes
To see His loving gaze
Falling upon mankind
But remember this my friend
He had you in His mind
Love so amazing so divine
Jesus loves you

So the time has come
Will you follow or deny Him
Stretch out your hand to Him
He'll lead you through life's path
But ask yourself my friend
Is He in your heart today
Just say a prayer and you'll have new life
In Him, in Him

I have chosen Him
To be my Lord and Saviour
My strength is found in Him
He is my everything
I tell you now my friend
My life is given by Him
I give my soul my life my all
To Him, Jesus
My King


the time that i didn't blog were times i spent learning, experiencing, and thinking about the love of God, and how much i have overlooked it in the past. i tell you now my friend, that my thoughts, my heart and my desires have changed, and i hope my life will start changing too. perhaps i'll write a new year resolution and try to stick to it.

Christmas is spent differently each year, and sometimes with different people. the celebrations get better as the years go by. but the theme never changes.

this year's christmas is spent with alot of fun, love, joy, laughter and smiles. actually, as all years. but this year's christmas feels entirely different from the past year (and i'll probably say this next year too). i dunno if it's in a good way or bad. and perhaps there's something lacking in this year's celebration. somehow. i can't realli put my finger on it. but it's like im still expecting more. oh well, christmas lasts for 12 days, right? maybe something magical will happen within the next 11 days. heh, i know im dreaming. but hey, a girl's gotta dream. haha.

all i want for Christmas is.... you?

-mask uncovered-