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If you fail to define yourself you allow others to define you, and if you allow others to define you they will judge you by their definition.
I found this really intersting quote. Hmmm something to ponder about.

Feeling really drained these few days. Somehow i wish the day has 48 hours, then at least i will have the time to have good night's sleep. O well...
Prelims are just round the corner. Oh no.
I'm beginning to realise that actually I have a lot to say but just don't know what to say.
Erm if im not making any sense, don't mind me. Nothing makes sense anymore, anyway.

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*raindrops are falling on my head*
Staring out of the window, i see the rain splattering down on the ground and on the window. How lovely to see the droplets trickle down. The cute curvey route they trace on the glass. Close your eyes and listen to the rhythm of falling rain. Relax your mind, free your thoughts and enjoy this calmness. *sigh*

had english oral today..it was okay i guess..the examiners were SO NICE..it realli helps when the examiners smile..haha anw the two of them burst out laughing at smthg i said..seriously i dunno y..i hope i didn't make a fool of myself (as i always do)..well at least it's over!!!feel more relieved..haha..

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" Hebrews 11:1

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wahhh i hav officially stepped down as a guide!!!no but once a guide always a guide..heehee..well anw i realli enjoyed myself during icf yesterday..our juniors did a wonderful job n i muz say they hav put in alot of hard work..ooohh but the gateway was a torture chamber!!! imagine being led thru a pitch black tunnel not knowing wat lies beyond where u r,being poked n grabbed by the foot n made to step in a bucket full of ice followed by a trail of flour n pokey stuff on the floor!!!!!!!i practically screamed the whole place down..haha..hey all in all it was fun..honestly..the theme for icf was TRUVA..cool name..yup anw the items put up by the juniors were great!all of them..so touching it made me cry..sobz..haha the games were hilarious!hamster race n the floury thingie..ah ma siti ended up covered wif flour!wahahaha..yupz n congrats to the new PLC!!!n the PSs as well..i hope u guys will work together n show everyone wat Guides can do!!!the PLC of 03/04 were hugging each other like nobody's business..haha..well it was our last time in guides so we wanted it to b memoriable..indeed it was..sighz..i'll miss everyone n everything abt Guides..but heads up everyone!PLC 03/04 will be back!!!so there...

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ooooh we had a treat today!chocolate chip cookies(mrs soo's so called "famous amos" recipe) n mango pudding(ly's wonderful recipe)!!! yummy..well of coz since it was made by xinhui,jaf,sarah,zhiyu,joleen,ly and me!!!heehee all our "ai xin" cookies...in celebration for our chinese O's results!congrats everyone!!! had so much fun making the cookies n pudding at xinhui's house..n there was Patches xinhui's cute doggie..heehee..
yes abt chinese O's rsults..i'll like to thank my mama my papa my frens miss wee n of coz God!!without Him(and them)i dunno if i would hav the strength n determination to go so far..yupz..
wah tmr's icf(initiation cum farewell)!!!finally the day has come when we seniors in Guides are gonna step down(not step aside anymore!!!)and hand Guides over to our darling juniors..imagine all the blood n sweat we hav shed for Guides these 4 yrs..sighz..memories..i dun care im coming back nxt yr as a YA to help out..no way m i gonna lose connections wif my fellow Guides..heehee..ooohhh can't wait for tmr!!!juz hope i dun cry my eyes out!!haha..

"The love of God is greater far then tongue or pen can ever tell. It goes beyond the highest star and reaches to the lowest Hell."

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ok here's a quick note before i hit the books..well everyone was talking abt singapore idol today..haha..i still can't get over the fact ppl actually got here n humiliate themselves..lemon tree guy..ok mayb they think its a fast way to get famous???o well..wah we r gonna get back our chinese O's results tmr!!!or so i heard..oh no..i fear to see my results..*horror* haha..

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*sniffles* my nose is acting up again..*sniff sniff* i spent the whole of yesterday blowing into wads of tissue..wat a way to spend national day..oooh but the fireworks were fantastic!!sighz it nvr fails to amaze me since i was a little girl..heehee..yucky today's the end of our long national day break and it's back to sch tmr!blehz..
ooooooohhhhh who watched Singapore idol yesterday???man...it was hilarious!!!i mean u muz b realli good or realli daring to participate..haha..i guess everyone is looking out for a william hung number 2..wahahaha..

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ok i learnt a very valuable lesson yesterday during bs..which is: DON'T WORRY,BE HAPPY!!! it may seem like a very common phrase to u..but hav u ever considered its meaning?worrying can b very time consuming n exhausting..realli..imagine,if u had spent ur time doing smthg abt ur problem instead of worrying abt it,chances are u may b able to solve the prob!hmmm i noe its easier said than done..well casting our burdens on the Lord is soooooo much easier..thus we should juz give all our probs to the Lord n forget abt it..rest assured tt it will b solved!as simple as tt!for with God nothing is impossible..do ur best and God will do the rest..if God takes care of the birds n the trees, how much more will He care for us human beings who are made in the image of God?God will provide for ALL our needs...so DON'T WORRY!!!

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. Matthew 6:34

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today's national day celebration in school..there was a whole mass of red but still a few polka dots here n there..haha..well i muz say it was fun,the CREATE competition n mass singing..GAGE BROWN won the inter-house competiton once again!!!wahahaha..after the celebration we were in no mood for hist class..but well there's no bargaining wif mr anthony..went to ikea wif rekha n nanz after class..bought the big red heart cushion..hehe..couldn't resist hugging it..i simply love walking in ikea..can spend hours walking ard there..realli feel like buying almost everything there..so cool..haha..yupz so this is how i spent my day today..hmmm haven't started on my work yet..hafta get down to doing it..so ya..

"Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take his cross, and follow Me." Mark 8:34

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whoa long time since i blogged..spending alot of time burying my nose in textbooks..eeks turning into a nerd..nerdifying some may say..haha..tt's y i need a getaway..weekends!!!im soooo looking forward to the weekends..yp!!!its the onli time i realli get to relax n hav fun...hmmm okay mayb in between still need to study abit..oh no..prelims r like 5 weeks away!!!got the prelims timetable today..gosh i can't believe how fast time flies..it was like yesterday when year 2004 started..haiz..
hmmm on a brighter note tmr's national day celebration in sch!!!haha suddenly everybody's feeling patriotic..5 days of holidays!!!but of coz good things nvr come free..there's a price to pay n a big one for tt..lotsa hwk!!!lotsa studying n revision!!!
u noe smthg..our teachers r soooo un-glam...i mean there is actually a dress code for tmr n its horrible..for once i'd rather wear sch u..haha..i dun rmb having a prob of wat to wear last yr..oh tt's coz i was in guides u last yr..wahhhhh this year sec4s not in the parade...sobz...
okok enuff of crap...i shall leave u wif a verse...

"I can do all things through christ who strengthens me" Philipians 4:13

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