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i haven't weighed myself for a long time. the weighing machine in my room mysteriously disappeared. i think my mum stole it. haha. cos the one in her room is screwed up, it minus-es 3kg from your actual weight. dun be too happy when you weigh yourself on that machine.
well, holidays make ppl fat. eat eat eat. all i do is eat. and hardly exercise. haha. today went to CHOMP CHOMP to celebrate wengyin's belated birthday. we ordered stingray, satay, 2 plates of oyster omelette, chicken wings and 2 ginormous cups of sugar cane drink. i think it wasn't alot. i wasn't full at all. then we went to NTUC to buy ice cream, and sat at some benches to eat ice cream and sing birthday song. baba commented, "why serangoon gardens, no garden one?" we couldn't find a nice garden to sit and cut cake, you see. haha. well, she's got a point.
it was fun doing chapalang jobs for the church office today. there was an assembly line (consists of me, huimin, merv, matt & amos), quick and efficient! finished the job fast!
it was fun watching mr. bean's holiday. laughing at the silly stuff bean can come up with. oh man, i think at some point of time, i was the only one laughing in the whole theatre. haha. i tell you, no one can ever beat mr. bean. he's the ultimate!
it was fun watching the guys play street soccer, while i just sat there and stone, and eventually fall asleep.
its was fun going through today. how much longer can i spend my days like this?
im cherishing every moment right now. time is fleeting by... there is not much time left...

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our colourful drinks!
amos and the lemur. haha

the month of march is coming to an end soon. means my long long holiday will soon be over. but time has been fulfilling thus far; tried new things, did things i haven't done for a long time, made new aquintances etc.
well, im now 18+, which means im legally allowed to drink and go clubbing. so my gang of PLC (nanz, sammie, mello, serene, siti, eunice, bev) decided that one of our outings, we should go drinking. that day when we met, not all came though, it was ladies night at DXO, which meant free drinks! but our original plan was just to sit n chill at a quiet pub, and pay. so we contemplated between: noisy n free OR quiet n pay. well, quietness beats it all, we went to Harry's bar. i turn red with just a few sips of cocktail. but dun worry i won't get drunk. i won't even drink that much to get drunk. haha. in any case, drunk or not, we all still talked alot of nonsense, as usual. hee. (see the drinks we had in the pic above)
how long ago have you been to the zoo? hee i went on monday! it was so fun to relive my childhood visiting all the animals at the zoo. even at this age im still so fascinated by the majestic animals. the only animals i wasn't fascinated by were the reptiles. eeks! i like all the furry animals...hmm ppl who went, me, huimin, lisa, ellice, merv, matt, darius, wes, amos. ppl say the animals that resembles human beings are the primates. we saw this red butt baboon, and ooh-whee is its butt red! okay, so we had a great time laughing at the poor monkey's red butt. not that it wanted its butt red, but well... darius even said this, " can you imagine if these animals knew what we were saying and have feelings?" i think they'll suffer from depression from being stuck in the zoo and being laughed at. nevertheless, zoo is fun! next stop: the Night Safari!!! (see the pic of amos and the lemur)

there are still so many things i wanna do and so many places i wnna go! wish my holidays were even longer! plus i wish i dun have to work. keep wishing mel...

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what's life when you're living it alone?
no, you are never alone.

you know, i start to think alot after watching a show or when i have nothing else better to do. it's good and bad. stuff keeps coming into my head, and i have no idea what to do with them. i wish there was a bin to empty such stuff into, and get rid of them once and for all. ahhh, won't life be slightly less stressful? once again, i think too much.

i wish life was more innocent.

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im glad YOU were there.
im glad i didn't turn my back on YOU, but had complete trust in YOU instead.
im thankful for all the promises YOU have made, knowing that YOU have a plan for me.
always trusting and never wavering.
thank YOU for all the friends n family who have been there giving me the support n encouragement that i need.

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