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yipee! today's teacher's day! whee no lessons! had celebration and aces day. pls loh, no one was dancing until mr soh threatened to make us dance for pe for 5 weeks. haha. well now the stupid song is stuck in my head! b-a-n-a-n-a-s. haha.
oh and it's qianling's, qiuying's, bernard's, kenneth's and eunice's (plc baby) birthday today!!! eunice has turned 1!!! forever our baby. hee. anw, me, gillian and ting had a hard time planning qianling and qiuying's birthday surprise. but in the end, it all got screwed up. haha. well firstly the 2 of them suspected something was up, when we started to be all secretive. wil came late (we borrowed his locker to put the stuff) so they actually saw us running away with bags full of things. then after aces dance we ran away again. haha but well in the end we had a great celebration. they had apple crumble and blueberry crumble as cakes and pokey sticks as candles. hee. we had a nice time laughing over the presents we bought (erh that part, long story). haha the growlers.
argh, but after the celebration we had chem test. yes, our teacher juz wouldn't let us off. blehz. this test made me wake up at 5am so that i could study for, but apparently nothing went in. sigh. and lt3! argh the stupid chair in the lt gave me a huge bruise (its green and purple) and 2 cuts on my knee, juz because a knocked into it! man, how suay can i get?! it hurts! heh. i kept complaining about it. haha. oh and during the test wil's stomach growled. real loud. and duwane was like, "shhhh...." hahaha super funny!
i rushed off straight after the test. went back to st marg's and reached still in time for the concert! whee! haha there were so many of ex-polka dots back there! cool!!! talked to teachers. ms siti was giving away all her chocolates! haha. then we went to town, me, rekha, sarah, denise, jaf, meixuan.
well, the group broke up, so onli me, rek and sarah were left together. we walked and walked and walked. from heeren to cine, to wisma to taka and back to cine and heeren and wisma and taka. whoa. we shopped and took neoprints. we saw many other frens along the way. wah orchard was filled with jc ppl lah. and oh my goodness, today the 3 of us siao charbors were laughing at every single thing! we laughed till our stomach ached, tears start flowing and difficulty breathing. haha! it's just madness. had so much fun.
im always having fun. but then again, i onli post when i hav smthg fun to talk abt. cos if im depressed or sad, i won't bother coming online at all. haha. i have too many depressing moments to blog about anw. argh.

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whoa everyone's been busy with pw lah. sianzzz...haha but yesterday's meeting was super fun! wonder if any other group was as slack as ours. but hey, we managed to get things done too k. shirin, tingting, nicholas and jeremy were at my place from 2pm to 9.30pm to rush the written report. gosh we certainly dun sound like we rushed. haha. well, apart from doing pw, we pigged out (snacks and pizza!), fattening sia. we watched tv, we watched a little of princess diaries on the laptop. we crapped, we chatted, we laughed. man, it was great. haha. haha thank goodness we have something to hand up today.
school now very sian, all we do is study study study. oh well, promos are drawing nearer so yeah that's what we do. study. argh. yeah so now i gotta go study for maths test tmr. blehz.

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whee...im my school's library..hee i've dropped econs so im free!! lalala...
okay anw my com at home crashed so i onliy got to check my mails and read blogs today. and i've read someone's blog which i think mentioned me. whether or not it's talking about me, i feel bad. real bad. and to that someone, if you are reading this now, im sorry. honestly i am. im sorry for not being a good friend. im sorry for not considering your feelings before i acted. im sorry for making you feel like this now. im sorry!!!
perhaps blogging is like this is not enough to express my apologies, but i promise you i'll say sorry in a more sincere way. cos i realli am sorry! i promise that scene will never again repeat itself. i promise to be there for you when you need me. i promise!!! for you, my friend, are a gift from God. a gift that i will always treasure and cherish and give thanks for.
im sorry!!!

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"oh my god, i think i need a manicure, cos the sun is shining on my gorgeous hair. 25, 64, i dun care about the score, i juz know that we are gonna win!"
haha this is a bimbo cheer that i've learnt from siti today. oh man, its super bimbotic and super addictive. it keeps ringing in my ear ever since she said it. wahaha.
whee but i had a great day today! went back to st.marg's for icf. plc 03/04 had a gathering of our own! yep so there we were in a world of our own, oblivious to what was going on for icf, chatting gossiping laughing sharing secrets and making alot of noise. its as though its our icf. ah relive the moment when we had our icf last yr. sighhh. i realli miss those times. in st.marg's, in guides. nostalgia. i want to turn back the clock!!! impossible. argh. okay so after icf, we went for dinner. bevvy and nithya had to go home though. so sad. we made our pact and hugged farewell for now. the rest of us made our way to ps. initially we wanted to go to pizza hut (which we yearned for a long time) but long queue! so we settled for swensens. we can never have enough to talk about. overflowing for chitchat and gossips. note: not bitching, gossips. well about ourselves lah, so dun think its actually called gossip. haha anw, we had 2 topless-5 for desert. yummy. haha so once again, we brought noise (alot of noise) to the place. silence is golden, i think we are all super poor.
an excerpt from our convo. haha. the time we spent together realli seems like the good old times. eunice is as baby-ish as ever. serene, the fish-monger. and together with sam, they are the insane-insaint twins. im still jinxing nanz. mello the deep sea fish and part of the triplets. bevvy our mama, siti our ah ma. sighhh. pls 03/04 we rock! we always will!
i love you guys! i miss you guys! hope to meet up soon! remember our bet/pact. hee. mauks! =D
precious moments.

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blehz. didn't go to school today. down with fever and flu. my nose juz won't stop running. argh. i was already not feeling well yesterday, i didn't want to to go to school, but dad told me to go and if anything call him. sigh. i suffered. haha okay maybe a little too exaggerating. haha. but i realli didn't feel good.
okay enough complaining. here i am trying to kill time by blogging. no one's online (duh, everyone's at school). there's nothing to do (well apart from studying). and my nose is drpping non-stop!!!! argh, i realise im still complaining. sorry, i can't help it. the flu virus is attacking ym brains too. somehow. heh.
so i shall stop here before anymore crap gets out. bye.

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whoo hoo its the eve national day!!! i love singing all those national day songs. but this year's song not very catchy, i onli know one line, "reach for the sky..." haha. well, SA had a mini carnival. i did henna on my hand!!! so cool! my class was in charge of a game stall. golf. heh. after the carnival was the concert. it was supposed to be on the track but it was raining, so we shifted to the hall, half my class sat in the gallery though. haha. the dance was great.
after the whole celebration in school, S76 had a small party to celebrate the birthdays of the july and august babies! then ppl went their separate ways. qianling went home, qiuying and gillian went jurong swimming complex with sarah. and i was left with the guys. the whole time i kena bullied by them!!! wahhhhh...they poke at me at every opportunity! good thing i know how to counter-suan. and plus whenever im being suanned, i juz whack them. sighhh i know, im very violent. haha. it's juz me.
anw, today i saw the different side of wilfred today. tsk tsk. i was laughing like crazy. i din know he had an overflow of crap in him. super nonsense!!! haha. well we watched stealth the movie. action packed. cool show. haha. amy came along, so i wasn't the onli girl! whee. haha.
yay, tmr i can sleep in!!! im longing for a well deserved sleep. need to replenish my energy. sighh, but tmr need to start doing hwk. blehz. =(

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