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sighhh blogging on my dad's laptop. cos my stupid com decided to crash on me, when i needed it urgently!!! needed to type and print out i&r for pw. blehz. well anw ting is helping me print it out. thanks so much girl!!! muaks! haha.
anw, today was yet another day of learning fest. hee. ting din come, hmm muz be pon school. but today was the day i brought my cam to sch to take a proper group pic of the growlers, and she has to be absent. tsk tsk. oh well, we still took alot of pics! will upload them when com is back in shape. haha.
we din have any course till 12, so the girls went to watch the guys play street soccer while baking under the sun. haha. duwane was playing music from his pda and we were singing away. haha. then i had to report for first aid duty. which was rather stupid cos i had to just sit and stone for one hr! since there was no casualties! thank goodness i had qianling to accompany me. hee =) after that me and gillian went for origami, worm and qianling went for thai. yep, then we went on another bus trip to the ura building. haha. quite fun there. as usual, we were hungry again, so we went over to maxwell hawker centre to eat! yumyum. then went home.
haha i realli enjoyed all the courses i signed up for the learning fest. all so fun! hee.and no lessons for 2 days! as qianling puts it, so happening! haha. eeee but tmr have to swing back to study mode. blehz.

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whee today had learning fiesta in school!! so fun so cool...
me, qianling, ting, gillian and qiuying signed up for the labrador park exploration. we saw so many organisms that i never knew existed. so cool. but we got our shoes and socks wet. eeks. other then that it was cool. the next course we went for was fish! philosophy, another interesting one. haha.
well me and qianling had to leave early cos we had to go for soccer match. whee! we beat SR 6-nil! is that good or what? haha. great game played girls! =D after the match the team went o have dinner at singapore post macs. haha. we told alot of lame, as well as hilarious, jokes. hee. then took bus home with qianling and celestine.
yay tmr another day of learning fest.

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haha not again, haven't been blogging. heh either too busy or too lazy...
okay in any case, here i am to blog again...
well life has been rather eventful these few days and weeks. too much to list. having fun in school though there's still much work to catch up on. yeah common test results weren't too good. blame it all on poor time management.
oh and now's the girls' soccer tournament period. sa is doing well so far. hee. and tmr we're having a match against srjc.
im finding time to study, but haven't done so. sighh i wonder when i'll actually start to sit down and focus on work. blehzzz...
yay, tmr no lessons! there's gonna be this learning fiesta in school, where students sign up for courses and attend it. hee im going for origami, some philosophy talk and 2 field trips. wahaha...so fun!
anw, today after school, me, eunice, wilfred, tzekwang and jeremy went to serene centre to eat ice cream. whee...5 of us ate 2 tubs of ice cream! it's alot i know, but the ice cream realli rocks! haha...
my class is full of crap...haha there's no escaping that!

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ladeeda...sorry for not blogging for a long time. i din touch the com for 3 whole weeks! wahaha...i guess that's an accomplishment? oh well.
hmm the hols have passed, abc's over. then it was back to school, to face the dreadful common tests. i hope i can pass some of the papers. it's a price to pay for slacking around too much during the hols. haha. hey it's over! yeah, and as a celebration i went to watch the war of the worlds with classmates qianling, tingting, gillian, wilfred, duwane, jeremy, bernard, charles and boonkeat. the movie was cool, exciting and thrilling. haha.
oh im on a guitar frenzy. been playing the guitar alot. partly why i haven't been using the com. saturday went early to church to play guitar with isaac and wengyin. after yp played guitar, during dinner we played more guitar. on sunday after ss, after track distribution, went to see sean and matt and the rest in singing practice, and i played guitar again. went home then grandma house to play even more guitar. nuts. we celebrated cousin jiaxin's 21st birthday!!! whee...
yesterday was youth day. no school! whoo hoo! went to watch the guys play soccer match against s71 at st.wilfrid's sports complex. haha our class' homeground. hee. well we girls were watching the guys play while cheering for them and baking in the sun. haha. yes! and s76 won!!! we thrashed them 10-2!!! how cool is that! haha but friendly game onli. then after that the class went to ps kfc for lunch. then we split. some went to watch movie or meet friends. the rest of us (me, eunice, wil, duwane, tzekwang and nick) went to play pool. we had to wait for quite some time for an available table. haha. pool is fun. haha wil did his victory lap again. so many times some more. haha. after that we made our way home. and yes, i went home to play guitar. wahaha...
yay...today no school too. cos i've got no paper. tralala...so im gonna slack around at home once again...blehzzz

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