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The most destructive habit ...... Worry
The greatest joy ...... Giving
The greatest loss ...... Loss of self-respect
The most satisfying work ...... Helping others
The ugliest personality trait ...... Selfishness
The most endangered species ...... Dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource ...... Our youth
The greatest "shot in the arm" ...... Encouragement
The greatest problem to solve ...... Fear
The most effective sleeping pill ...... Peace of mind
The most crippling failure disease ...... Excuses
The powerful force in life ...... Love
The most dangerous pariah ...... A gossip
The world's most incredible computer ...... The brain
The worst thing to be without ...... Hope
The deadlist weapon ...... The tongue
The two most power-filled words ...... "I Can"
The greatest asset ...... Faith
The most worthless emotion ...... Self-pity
The most beautiful attire ...... SMILE!
The most prized possession ...... Integrity
The most powerful channel of communication ...... Prayer
The most contagious spirit ...... Enthusiasm
The most important person in life ...... GOD

-mask uncovered-


here's a realli nice poem i got from my other blog..wanna share it wif u ppl...read it..it'll make u cry..well it did for me..

funny, how one dream could be folded into one thousand paper cranes
funny, how one person could change in a matter of a few words
funny, how one life could be saved, in retribution for one life taken
funny, how one tear could be shed for someone whom you thought you did not care about
funny, how one love could save all one moment-
and yet...vanish.
like the dream. like the person. like the life.
but never like the tear- for it will be falling again and again
for all time.
for you.

-mask uncovered-


let's hav one minute of silence to we rmb the principal of smss, Mrs Caroline Lee, she is now living with the Lord..of coz we will feel sad n mourn over the loss of such a wonderful n godly principal, we muz remind ourselves tt Mrs Lee is in a much better place n she is feeling much much happier...for she is now rejoicing in heaven..we will miss the mornings during assembly when mrs lee stands on the podium screaming at us to pull up our socks, telling us how crooked our lines are n to think abt smthg good tt happened yesterday..or the times when she makes her rounds in sch poking her head thru the classroom windows making sure tt we are sitting up straight (not slouching) n paying attention to the teacher..we will also miss her long yet meaningful morning devotions n her drilling of the sch values (how we muz uphold integrity n take pride in all we do)..much as we miss all these (n much more)..we will always rmb the wonderful things tt mrs lee has done for us n the sch..we will always rmb this strict n firm yet caring, encouraging, understanding n compassionate principal of ours..we'll miss u..things will nvr b the same without u...schlife is gonna be so diff from now on..mrs lee, our well respected principal!
BUT we'll move on..n we'll always remember..the st.marg's spirit burning as one..always the girls mre lee has always wanted us to b...growing n glowing for God..
Thank you Mrs Lee...
God will make a way...for with Him nothing is impossible..trust in the Lord with all your heart..He is our strength n our refuge..our comforter n mighty God..Amen..

PS: there r much more things mrs lee has done for us..n much more things we will rmb of her..but they r too much to list..n will forever b living in our hearts...so let us continue to rmb all these things...

-mask uncovered-