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lots of things are going through my head right now, just like the numerous happenings around me.i dun even know what to think. i just want to sleep.

i realise how fragile a person's life is. how precious a soul is.

Embrace the cross where Jesus suffered
Though it will cost all you claim as yours
Your sacrifice will seem small beside the treasure
Eternity can measure what Jesus holds in store.

Embrace the love the cross requires
Cling to the one whose heart knew every pain
Receive from Jesus fountains of compassion
Only He can fashion your heart to move as His.

O wondrous cross, our desires rest in you.
O Lord Jesus, make us bolder
To face with courage the shame and disgrace
You bore upon your shoulder

Embrace the life that comes from dying
Come trace the steps the Saviour walked for you
An empty tomb concludes Golgotha's sorrow
Endure then till tomorrow your cross of suffering.

Embrace the cross. Embrace the cross.
The cross of Jesus.

treasure life. treasure the gift at THE CROSS.

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first note to all: now i fully understand why all the adults has to keep on telling us younger ones to cherish our schooling days.
and now i feel like one of the older ones already.
so to all the younger ones: cherish your schooling days. seriously.
gosh, i feel so old.
well anw, i miss those days where i could walk to school with serene, talking abt everything and anything. i miss those days where we would squeeze in the cafe and decide what to eat. i miss those crazy times spent in class and outside with 05S76. i miss the teachers, i miss the notes, i miss the gallery, i miss school!
okay, sorry guys, it was just a wave of nostalgia.
having to pay adult price for transport drains my pocket. its so irritating when u spend half your allowance topping up ur ez link card. i need to plan my travel routes wisely. we no longer have the privileges students used to have. no more student meals or student deals. bleh. big sigh.
people are never satisfied with themselves, when we were kids, we wished we could grow up and start work. and now that we are grown up, we wish we could go back to school. sheesh. i gotta learn to be more satisfied with life.
well, to show my satisfaction with my life, i shall say that im quite satisfied with the job im having now. actually i've done a few temporary jobs before this one. i worked for my mum in her lab, doing admin
stuff. BORING. and i taught chinese at BAMK kindergarten. can you believe it?! i repeat: i taught CHINESE! hahaha. well easy words lah. hee. EXCITING! the kids were so cute! and hearing them call me wang lao shi makes my heart melt. they are so adorable!
oops, i realised i haven't even told you about my current job. well, im working at Raffles Hotel as a waitress. the food there is super delicious (not that i tasted it, but the appearance tells it all)!!! well there's a price to pay for good things, good food, means expensive food. wow. haha. but i guess its value for its quality. i started my first day yesterday. starting out, i felt lost, but gradually i warmed up to the ppl as well as the job. it was fun. and at the end of the day, my legs almost turned jelly from all the standing, my arms almost broke from all the carrying of plates. haha dun get me wrong, im not complaining, just to highlight the job of a waitress. haha. i'll be working full shift on thursday, and i wonder if i'll be able take it. i pray i'll be able to persevere!!!
so yeah, i guess being out in the working world does have its own satisfaction. so ppl out there, whether you're a student or already working, live life to its fullest! find JOY in all you do, by trusting in God and in Him alone.

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hello 2007 and good-bye 2006!
wonderful, a new year has begun. what lies ahead? i do not know. but i do know Who holds the future. all its worries and its sorrows i give them all to God, for He will carry them for me.
im not one who will stick to my new year resolutions, so this year i didn't bother writing one. but i do have goals that i wish to achieve. and i pray very hard, i'll strive to work towards those goals.
PRESS ON TO THE FINISHING LINE! guess this catch phrase is not used only during exams, but all through my life. when i get to heaven, may God say to us, "Well done, my good and faithful servant!" i look forward to hearing that. and that, dear friends, is one of my goals. to be a good and faithful servant to God. serving Him in a way that is pleasing to Him and glorifying to His name!
oooh..tmr those students out there gotta go back to school. and first time in dunno how many donkey years, i dun have the horrible back-to-school jitters! wahaha. okay sorry, didn't mean to suan those who have to go back to school, but the feeling is just so shiok! haha. so let me have me share of expressing my joy! to those younger than me: your turn will soon come! take heart! hee =D

to all my friends who are all so dear to me: I LOVE YOU ALL LOADS!!! thanks for all the great times we have shared together! im sure as the new year comes, we'll have more memories to create and store! thanks for being such a great encouragement to me! thanks for showering me with ur abundant love! thanks for everything! *BIG BIG SMILE*
Calvary, the place where i'll ne'er e'er forget...

-mask uncovered-