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i just gotta blog about today, cos im sooo HAPPY! nothing really spectacular, but im feeling exceptionally HAPPY! seriously i dun realli know why, its just this joy inside of me. hee. i feel like i have never felt this happy for a long time.
i woke up early today so that i could meet amy and gillian. amy brought me and gillian to samantha's mum's hair salon. we finally got to have our hair cut. haha. i thinned my hair and cut a shorter fringe. then amy ironed my hair just for fun. after that i looked kinda jap! haha. and gillian was pleased with her new hair style too! she looked good! hee.
after that we parted with gillian, then me and amy had our lunch at pasta mania. as usual, amy's favourite. haha. after a very full lunch, we took bus 57 all the way to depot walk for games. and oh my goodness the bus journey took 1 hour plus! we realli warmed the seats man. haha. and when we reached depot walk it was raining. the rained stopped after the message, and we played captain's ball! yipee! the onli not-so-fun thing was my eye was red, so i had to take off my contact lens, so i played ball half blind. haha. hmm surprisingly i could still catch the ball alot of times. haha.
after all the games, we had BBQ!!! yayyy...me and maria pigged out as promised. haha. it was very nice of the aunties and uncles to organise this bbq. THANKS!!! our table had 3 guitarists playing songs. so we started singing and eating at the same time. so fun! lalala...we had alot to talk and laugh about too! the most funny thing was dawn's story of her spider. should ask her to show you how the spider walks. super hilarious! and we had yummy chewy marshmellows! hee. me and amy starting amusing oursleves with the trolley used to transport the food. haha first she started pushing me around, then isaac and maria came along to push the both of us down the slope. haha imagine me screaming. we were entertained by the simple trolley. HAHA. when our trolley got taken over by the kids, who found our simple game exciting, we decided to turn to ice to amuse ourselves. we were throwing ice at each other and the droplets of water from the ice. amy came running to me and maria with crushed ice and throwing at us. we attacked back with ice cubes. i cornered amy and dropped the ice cube down her back. the the war has begun! hahaha. we started runing around like little kids, screaming and laughing and throwing ice at each other. i think if you saw us, you would think us childish. but believe me, we were having a time of our lives! never for a long time have i felt so happy. hahaha, just by playing with a trolley and ice. when they packed up all the ice, amy got bolder and started throwing water instead! i was too tired to retaliate. so i went home all wet. uncle richard sent me home, so his seat was wet. heh. hahaha.
im so happy and i dunno why. =D

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I MISS THE OLD SAJC CAMPUS!!! seriously. the old campus has the homely feeling, while the new one doesn't. it isn't even fully built! well, the bookshop is still under renovation. heh. i must admit that the new campus is nice with all the facilities (the rooftop tennis court!), the feeling is just not there! maybe not yet. wait till school starts there, then we'll see if im still complaining. we have to walk for about 10 mins from the mrt station to the campus (so if we're late for school, we're dead), the classrooms are no longer air-conned, the cafe is super puny, and for the guys there's no place for them to play soccer! haha. there's no more street soccer court! sighhh...
okay, i guess we should just be thankful that we have a whole new campus. guess when school actually starts we will start to feel the atmosphere more. and guess it's the people that matter not the place. but i still miss the old campus!!!
so after the symbolic move we made our way to town to meet eunice, worm and ting. then we had lunch. it's been a long time since im out loitering with my class. and as usual, we are always undecided as to where to go and what to do. we are always standing around trying to decide what to do, and when we FINALLY make a decision, we'll take a SUPER long time just to get there. initially we wanted to watch a movie, so we walked to cine. upon reaching there, some of us decided that we're too broke or that we've already watched that movie, or we dun feel like watching movie anymore. oh my goodness. so we just sat around, sulking and deciding AGAIN. after a VERY long while, they decided to come to my place. so yeah they came to my place and slacked around. some played cards, watched soccer, played with the dogs, played guitar, played com, slept or just roam around. haha. it was one fun way of hanging out, without spending money. haha.
i jus found out today that everyone else did not do their holiday hwk! haha seems like all for one, one for all. but guess what? our holiday assignments are due first day of school! ARGH. we all gotta chiong! haha. wonder how on earth im ever gonna finish it. oh well we'll see. heh.

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wahahaha was on a shopping spree today. me and gillian were supposed to be out buying a present for eunice. we did, but we also ended up shopping for ourselves. actually it's not very surprsing, cos i think most girls will end up doing the same! haha. guys, it's a girls' thing! hee.
hmm i bought: one gold beaded necklace, 5 hair-tying rubber bands, a bronze coloured purse and a watch. plus eunice's present. so i was totally broke by the time i got home. heh. me and gillian bought identical necklaces, purses and watches! haha. so fun! we can be twins one day, wearing all of them. haha.
walking on orchard road, i tend to see people i know. aw people from SA, from my sec school and i saw con! haha. actually i saw cherie first. but anw, yeah i saw con. we ran towards each other ang hugged! in the middle of far east plaza! haha. as always, this is what good friends do when they see each other. although they just saw each other 2 days ago. haha. its was the repeat scene of what happened to me and amy last friday at marina. haha. so funny!
tmr is SAJC's symbolic move from malan road (old campus) to potong pasir (new campus). how exciting. it's gonna be a big event. that's why they need us students there. haha. well i guess its gonna be fun, seeing our new campus! whee!

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wow, Christmas has come and gone just like that. im sad. everytime Chirtsmas is over means the time to go back to school is drawing nearer. sighh. not that going back to school is bad, get to see my friends again! BUT the part about studying is BAD. i really DREAD studying, okay like who doesn't?! oh well. this is part and parcel of life.
hmm the new year is coming. i usually write up new year resolutions, but i never stuck to it. argh. im wondering if i should write one this year. maybe i should be more realistic. or i should learn to be more self-disciplined. ahem, but in terms of studying, it will never happen. haha.
haha im mking myself depressed. I DUN WANNA GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

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wheee...Christmas is in 3 days time!!! ooohhh!!! finally it's starting to feel like Christmas! seriously, just a few days ago, it totally didn't feel lke Christmas was round the corner. the feeling was so stagnant. BUT now after going on a few shopping trips with mum to buy Christmas presents, im starting to breathe in the Christmasy air! yipeeee!!! sorry for sounding too high now, but thinking of all the yummy food and chocolates, opening presents and dancing to the Christmas carols, just excites me.
yes, Christmas may not seem like Christmas without the bright lights in orchard road, the turkey and fruit cake and the Christmas tree. however, there is more than meets the eye. the true meaning of Christmas dates back to more than 2,000 years ago, when Christ Jesus was born! celebrating Chrismas means celebrating the birth of Jesus. you may ask why is His birth so important? well, the Lord Jesus being full of glory and honour, came down to this earth to DIE on the cross for sinners like us. the sacrificial Lamb, isn't it worthy of our celebration and rememberance?
so before you get all excited about the cakes and chocolates and presents, remember our Lord. He is our reason to celebrate He is our reason to live. MERRY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE!!! hee.
"In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins." 1 John 4:10

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yayyy...im back again!!! this time from cameron highlands! haha. went with my family and cherissa's family. had lotsa fun! haha the weather there is soooo cool. like being in the air-con room all the time. hee. the great thing about cameron highlands is the fresh air there, and fresh fruits and fresh vegs. haha. and you can really see the beauty and wonder of God's creation. the vast mountains and trees. even the sky looks prettier over there! haha. it was a great time of family bonding, and fun with cherissa ad cherylin. those 2 arh..tsk tsk, so cute lah. haha
it seems that everytime i go on a holiday it's like a dream, cos there's nothing to worry about, just have fun and enjoy yourself. but once back in singapore, it's like SNAP! back to reality. homework and school etc. how sad. oh well, this is life. haha. yeah so back to reality, homework time! argh...

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wah realli haven't blogged for a long time now. haha. but well here am i to tell u more stories.
hmm came back from YC 2005 - THE REASON not too long ago. just like every other yc, it has been one enriching and uplifting camp. but the one thing different (and it made a whole lot of difference) was that this year i, together with 11 other peers, were asked to be games group leaders. believe me, it was a trying, yet fulfilling job. im realli glad to be given this oppourtunity to help lead a group, and group SALVATION for that matter, with matthew as the leader. whee...they all did a great job!
i must say that though this camp, through this experience alone it has taught me alot. seriously. after one night of talking and refecting, i realli started to think about my life. or rather rethink my life. and the nxt morning when i woke up (slept for onli one hr), somehow i got this feeling that after leaving this yc, leaving resort lautan biru, leaving mersing, my life will never be the same again. inwardly, at least.
okay this may sound weird to you, but the who know will know, and those who don't, then it's not meant for you to know. but in anycase, i must say, that the Lord has been gracious and good to me. so much that words alone cannot express how i feel. so yeahh...
oh no, now that im back in singapore, im back to life's routine. haha and HOMEWORK!!! sighhh.... yeah talking about it, i better go do it now...argh.

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