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whee! SAJC beat MJC 3-2 for soccer! yipee! im so high now. haha. it was one exciting match, everyone was cheering like mad. screamed till we're all hoarse. it was great! hee.
it's been a long time since i've experienced the saints spirit on fire. seriously. there were so many saints there to watch the match. almost the whole school! hee. ever since the NJ vs SA match last year, we never got together to cheer for TEAM SAJC. so today, the start of the tournament season, marks once again the unity of the saints family! whee! =D
well, enough of the happy side of the story. there's still the horrible and depressing part. got back my results for block test 1 and believe me it sucks. i shall not disclose the depressing truth. oh well, im okay about it i guess, though the teachers did express their disappointment. what's done cannot be undone, and i'll just have to work harder for the future tests and exams. sigh.
and i was dying inside to hold you...

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whee just got home from a two-movie long movie marathon. haha. me, gillian and worm went to shirin's house to slack. we watched "13 going 30" and "the perfect man". both had happy endings. yay. i love movies with happy endings. makes me think if my life will have a happy ending...
today's the last day we can slack after block tests, cos tmr we're gonna get back our result and after that it's gonna be full scale mugging once again. yucks. hmm but one thing's for sue, i played my max during these few days of rest. let's see: wed, whole day out in town. thurs, slack at home + training. fri, class outing at sentosa. sat, yp outing at labrador park. sun, another day to slack at home. hee. and now i dun feel like going back to school. sigh.
there's gotta be more to life than this...

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YAY!!!! BLOCK TEST 1 IS OVER!!!! wheeee.... hahaha. block test 2, prelims and A levels left to go. sounds long, but believe me, its gonna pass real quick. so all those taking their A's this year, take heart!!! =D
well in celebration of the end of block test 1, i spent the whole day out yesterday. (hmm actually its no cause of clebration, coz i'd most probably fail all my papers! but i deserve a day out from all that mugging!) maths paper ended at 10am. the growlers went for lunch at food republic. yet another rare time we see worm eat a full meal. haha. she arh, dunno how she eat. her fishball went flying in the air and bounced on the table! super funny!
then eunice left and the rest of us jut walked around. we went to far east. we walked practically the whole place. i bought a black top with golden patterns on it, one which i took a super long time to decide to buy. hee. then we walked to scotts to have yami youghert. then we walked to heeren. our legs were tired by then so we sat at the graffiti cafe.
mervyn came shortly afterwards. we spent quite a while there talking. then we went to cine to meet con while the other growlers left. amy and sean joined us too. we decided to watch a movie. "My Girl and I", a korean movie. man, i cried. and cried. and cried. haha. not surprising, huh.
well, while waiting for the movie to start, we went to paragon's toys r us! whee! so fun. we relieved our childhood by going around the whole place playing with all the toys. hee! in the end we each bought a water gun for saturday's outing. haha. i reached home a 10 plus. haha.
spending a whole day out with friends is certainly what i call fun. something i wish to be able to have everyday. sigh. oh well, in life there ae always good days and bad days. yesterday was indeed one of those good days!=D

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i look back at a year ago, and recall the time i went through induction and orientation in sajc, i just want to fly back into time. sigh. it's so much more fun than just sit in the library everyday after school to mug. bleh. and the worst thing is i can hear all the cheering and screaming from the present j1s. makes me so envious, makes me want to go down there and join in the fun.
AHHHH i hate this life (erh, what life? studying, no life at all!)!!! oh well, this is life. and as my duty of a student, i shall persevere till the end! oh yeah.
i drew up a study schedule yesterday, and hopefully i can stick to it. argh.
hmm looking forward to the hols. where i can at least take a breather and slow things down. but of cos, needless to say, i'll still be mugging. looking to friday too! the start of the hols! whee hee! =D
im sorry for lamenting over the fact of me mugging. cos it's so not me. i do not mug. and now i do. how exciting, huh?

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HELLO EVERYONE!!! im back!!! haha its been a long time since i blogged. mugging leh. haha. wonders of all wonders! hee.
i find it so hard to blog now. cos i dunno wat to say. there's so much going on now. i dunno where to start. oh well guess its just for me to know and for you to find out.
life is just to complex. too complex for my simple mind.

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