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sheesh, can you believe i actually took this test?! haha.

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working can be such a drag. working with your mum will mean you are obliged to do everything she asks you to do. as a daughter that's my duty: to obey thy parents.
but working with my mum has its good points. haha. transport provided to and fro, meals accounted for and flexible working hours. wow. and through working together, there was this mother-daughter bond being formed, different from the kind where quality time is spent together. this is the working bond. she taught me alot of precious lessons, through the stories she tells and the way she works. my mum amazes me sometimes. of cos no one is perfect, but my mum teaches me how to be a godly woman, which is the utmost importance in life, living a life pleasing to God.
it makes me wanna write a book. haha. yeah like i can.
anyway, time is flying by, we're growing older day by day. maturing more day by day (hopefully). lives change, people change. do friends change too?
only 2 more days left to go...

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okay im supposed to be working right now. supposed to complete some power slides. argh.

but i just had to express my joy within.

well, you see my wallpaper for my pc is the pic above, a pic with all by buddies in it. whenever i turn on my com and see this pic, it just makes me smile. i realise how friends can make u smile even when they are not around.
i get to see mervyn's face again (that alone makes me smile even more), i see sean's big grin, baba's quite flattened face (she's my daily source of entertainment), cherie, toke & wengyin's smiling faces...ahh...it just makes my day start out good.
i thank the Lord for all these friends i have, who always stand by me whenever i need encouragement. words alone can't say how thankful i am.
okay i know its a rather random post, but i realli do feel rather cheery right now. haha. oops gotta get back to work! cya guys! =D

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Whoa, whoa, yea yea
I love you more than I can say....
I'll love you twice as much tomorrow
Oh love you more than I can say.

Whoa, whoa yea yea
I miss you every single day....
Why must my life be filled with sorrow?
Oh, oh, love you more than I can say......

Don't you know I need you so?
Tell me please I gotta know...
Do you mean to make me cry?
Am I just another guy?

Whoa, whoa yea yea
I love you more than I can say....
I'll love you twice as much tomorrow
Oh...Oh...Love you more than I can say.....

I love you more than I can say
I love you more than I can say

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when you want time to crawl by it zooms past. but when u want it to fly by it crawls. i hate Murphey's Law.
i want 2 weeks to zoom by. i miss you already. sigh.
at least i have something to occupy me, and this way time go by faster. im now working in my mum's lab. has its pros & cons. shall not list them. i dun even like working, so i can't compare it with my previous job.
now i want to go back to studying. somehow, studying seems to bring you more sense of direction in life. right now, im hanging between time to enter uni, its horrible, totally no sense of direction.
to work or not to work? i have to work, to provide myself with some financial means to play. and i can't play all the time, cos i'll run low on finances. and it'll probably be wasting time away. vicious cycle.
i want to do smthg meaningful. but like what? and i've got limited time before school starts. sheesh.

-mask uncovered-