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hey! i changed my blog layout. finally settled for something simple. yepp.
i realised i forgot to blog about the night at CHOMP CHOMP with my class. how can i? haha. we had a class dinner at chompchomp. great food! my goodness, we ordered alot of food. hee. great thing we went early, so there was enough seats for all of us. then after dinner they all came over to my place. to wreck havoc? nah. xiuli and yiting stayed over. we had breakfast at macs the nxt morning, and wil joined us. haha.
whee s76 rocks. we have so many outings. and more to come! welfare rep, plan more leh! haha.
well anw today had chinese AOs. erm i suppoe it was not too bad considering i didn't even prepare for it. but then again, i dun ask for much, all i ask for is a grade that allows me not to retake chinese!!! so if my wish comes true, i will never ever have to touch chinese AGAIN! yipee! shhh....
update on soccer: yesterday we had a friendly match with NUS in their ground. we were thrashed 8-2. well, it was not bad, cos we dun usually play full field, 11 a side. great game. great learning experience. hee.
i was dead tired by the time i got home. so sleepy so blur, that i put the wrong chinese dictionary into my bag. and i went to school with a chinese-english dict! thank goodness i discovered it early and went to borrow one from a teacher. haha. terrible.
tmr's a public holiday! deepavali! hee. great day to slack. erh, but got pw meeting in the morning. oh well, we can have fun again, as usual! hee.

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well here's just a pic we took during our 05S76 class outing at eas coast park.

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soccer training in the morning, class outing at east coast park after that, long bus ride to j8 for dinner and back home, sums up my whole day today. phew. after a whole day of fun, im drained.
i didn't have lessons in school today so i went back to school specially for soccer training. we were training hard for the match on sunday, against nus. 11 a side, full field. wow.
stayed for training longer than i expected to. so i had to rush to meet the others in doby ghaut to go to ecp together. if i were to go alone, i'll sure to get lost! haha.
there's this rule in school where students are not allowed to leave the school before 12.45. stupid rule, but anyway. yes, they have security guards to check whether we're j1s or j2s before allowing us to leave. so irritating. i dun have lessons today, and yet they have to kick up a big fuss about leaving school. sigh. i was stopped by the guard and he talked one whole load of crap before letting me out! hello...i was in a hurry! argh. oh well.
in any case, i rushed to doby ghaut and met them and we went on to take a bus to ecp to meet the others.
haha. the guys played soccer (as usual), some girls went roller blading, while the rest os the girls went to walk by the beach. i love the breeze! i love the sea! i love to build sandcastles! haha.
the hockey guys and eunice had to leave, then the rest of us went to rent bikes. we cycled till it started to drizzle then we turned back. then andy and me carried on cycling to the other end, the others were too tired to carry on. they went to macs.
cycling somehow makes me feel free. and i like the breeze to blow against my face. i want to go cycling again! hee.
after cycling, we sat around in macs before deciding where to go. in the end, after much discussion and thought, me, gil, xiuli and andy took a super long bus ride to j8 for dinner. the rest, i dunno where they went. but not home i think. haha.
i have a whole series of activities lined up for me this week. no rest, though the playing times may be considered as rest. perhaps slack is the better word for it.
it'll be back to school again tmr. last day of school! but its not over yet. there's still pw!!! sigh.
im tired and exhausted.

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yawn...what am i doing here when im like so tired and practically dead to the world? heh. dun ask me, i dunno.
today we had op dry run 1. haha although my group's presentation was a rather last minute one (we chiong-ed it yesterday at my place. and as usual we played more than we did any work =p), mr lee said it was not bad! wahaha. not bad arh, minimum input, maximum output --> efficiency!!! haha my group just rocks lah. ya man, they rock, so much, cos they realli know how to bully me! always talking nonsense about me and ____. its part and parcel of life? well maybe. haha.
today had soccer training again. man, i was exhausted after op dry run, hardly had any energy to move (i have no idea why, just jaded i suppose), to the extent we considered ponning training. no, but we were good, we went for training. haha but before that to replenish our energy, me qianling and jolynn went to the sc to take a long nap. haha. people walked in and out, and tried to talk to us, but we could onli answer them semi-consciously. haha! we were that tired!!! stacia came to join in the slumber party. and somehow we managed to drag ourselves out of our comfy sofas and report for training at 3.30.
the sun was glaring down on us, still we ran. maybe its the aura around, we all felt drained. ohhh the conquences of pw. haha. so today's training was exceptionally exhausting. hmm actaully not true, i felt more awake and more alive after training. wahaha. training: 5 rounds on the field, passes, ball control, defence-attack, and suicides 5 sets!!! tiring as it is, i feel a sense of satisfaction. haha.
there'll be training tmr too. wow. oh and i think tmr alot of ppl gonna pon school. cos of the stupid ne talk. argh. im going to school for training lah. other than that, sian...

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screams of anxiety erupting from the street soccer court in sajc. prominent orange figures running around and swiftly dribbling the ball while trying to get away from the opponent team. one of them tries to take a shot...and he scores???
what is going on? oh its the street soccer competition oragainsed by the sports club, and 05s76 + harvinda (correct spelling?) formed a team and participated!
okay it was a rather lame intro and my descriptive skills are horrible. anw, as i was saying, our class guys participated in the street soccer competition and made it to the semi finals! wow. though they didn't make it into the finals, they put up a good fight and beat all the other teams to make it to the semis. it was a great game. well done guys! im so proud of u all! haha.
throughout the whole game, i could feel my heart thumping realli loudly and fast. anxiety, yes. i was anxious for them to score a goal, and anxious that the opponent may score a goal. man, it was exciting! and weifen, gillian and xiuli were with me, and we were each adding to anxious atmosphere among us. haha. we screamed for joy when a goal was scored by our team, we sighed heavily when a goal as scored by the other team, and we breathed a sigh of relieve when the ball from the opponent missed the goalpost. you could realli feel the tension there. it's worse than playing the match yourself. haha. oh especially during the penalty kicks when tied with another team to determine who goes into the finals. oh my goodness, there was a mixture of feelings between fear and excitement. haha.
yes, the guys were disappointed but they took it very well. after all it was onli a game. but then again, soccer is their life. haha.
we went to harbour front foodcourt for dinner. the guys and a few girls. yay, first time we eat out with the girls from the different cliques in class. hee! so fun.
we have planned alot of activities for next week. class bonding! the more we plan, the more excited we get. haha. can't wait man.
the nel ride home was rather eventful. we met a few "weird" ppl on the train. haha!
pw is terrible, though i like my group. we have so much to chiong for. but its okay, we are efficient and productive. hahaha, just trying to boost our ego abit. hee. yeahh tahan one more month and it'll all be over!!! yayyy...
this week is exhausting, yet exciting. soccer trainings 3 times a week. pw all the way. and ponning lectures? haha. hopefully i'll be recharged by next. must carry out our plans for next week!!! yipee!

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i realli do not have much to say now. just that im sunburnt and look like a red baboon. gah. argh. heh. bah. and a song to sing.
"All my life, through the good and bad of life,
whether i should gain or lose,
still i choose to life my life every moment all for thee,
walking oh so close to thee
while im learning everyday, come what may to trust in thee.
take away the doubt that hides thy perfect will
give me faith instead and with thy spirit fill
then all my days, be the guardian of my ways
and i'll know the glory of all thy love through all my days."

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whee!!! went to malan la mian to learn how to make la mian. hmm its a post exam activity. wahaha. erh, i muz say im bad at making noodles. haha. hey it wasn't easy! hmm but weifen could do it! oh man, she's a natural! haha can work there part-time liao. hee. ooohh and we got to try their dishes there! buffet!!! haha. the guys helped themselves to the food like 3 times! haha. well we could have have helped ourselves to more if they continue laying out the food for us and if our teacher didn't chaseus out of the restuarant. haha. so fun!
oh i was with jolynn today. we went to bras basar complex to buy cloth for the soccer banner. hee in the end we walked around art friend and bought studs, beads and glue to make our own earrings! whee. figured it was quite cool make my own earrings, fun too! hee. hope its successful too. haha.
sigh gonna get back results tmr. sian. i hope i dun die. but whatever the case, God will make a way!

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whee im in my school's library. heh. waiting for gillian and qianling to finish up their pw meeting. haha. then we are going to k-box!!! wahaha to celebrate ting's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINGTING!!! nvr been to k-box before. think im juz gonna sit there and eat the food. if i sing the glass will most probably crack. haha.
well anw me, gil, worm and qianling, look drunk today. haha or rather look like we are suffering from hangovers. wahaha. duh no, we din go clubbing! we went sentosa!!! we played frisbee and gil's small rubber ball, went swimming, went to walk acroos the bridge, went to take pics...what else can u do at the beach? oh ya, we were baked under sun through the process of it all. haha. and yes, consequence of that is: sunburn!! oh man, my shoulders are sore and red. im not tanned, but red. argh. and i thought i wasn't burnt enough. hee. haha frisbee was so fun. realised that i have to run extra far when qiuying is throwing, and i have to throw extra carefully when throwing to qianling, and i have to beware when qianling is throwing. haha!
then today in school i had a hard time carrying my bag, cos my shoulders were realli sore. sigh. and i shouldn't have come to school today. nothing much, except for some performance by a latin american band and the sajc music awards. i came cos needed to hand up pw. argh speaking of pw, i stayed up till 2am to complete the stupid written report. it's so sickening. thank goodness i have my members to help me, if not i would most probably not be able to sleep at all. sigh. so we all look like pandas today. haha. pw is horrible.
oops, they're done with their meeting! going to k-box now!!! yipee!!!

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sighhh had physics paper today. well i must say its very time constraining. no time to finish the paper!!! i had to rush through everything, so much that i could hardly think properly. so sad. oh well. it's done, there's nothing i can do about it. heh. and at least i dun have an econs paper after that. oh poor souls who do. hee okay i shall not be so bad, suan them. well a word of encouragement: jiayou!!!

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here's a story for you all to read, enjoy!
A man moved to a new town and was trying to decide where to go to church. He decided that a good way to decide the best church was to go to the town square and ask folks as they passed by.
Well there was a terrible storm that night, but the next morning the man got up and headed down to the square to see who was going where! So he did, and shortly a well dressed lady came by in a hurry. He asked herwhere she was going in such a hurry and she told him about her church ...it seems her church had a WONDERFUL pipe organ and choir and when they sang and played it was almost like hearing the angels of heaven ... itwas SO wonderful ... she didn't want to miss a second of it so off she hastened. Next a man came along and the man stopped him and asked his destination and the man responded that he was going to his church which had a FANTASTIC stained glass window behind the pulpit .. the sun came up and shown through the stained glass and it was like the light of the Lord shining down on you as you sat there and gazed at the window ... and off he ran! Next a young couple came by and told him that they were heading to the Reverend Doctor so and so's church who was renown as one of the finest orators and scholors in the land and they would just "hang onevery word" every time he spoke ... they didn't want to miss his introduction so they rushed along. Finally, a little man with a big thick Bible came along and he said that he was on his way to a little storefront where a few Christians were going to gather to remember theLord Jesus who died for them ... it wouldn't be fancy ... just a loaf and a cup ... but he couldn't wait to be there with the Lord ... and off he went!
Well time passed and pretty soon the people started drifting back... VERY down and discouraged ... every one! It seems that the storm had caused a lot of changes. The power was out so the pipe organ didn't work and the choir just didn't sound the same without those great pipes sounding out their melodious tunes! And the stained glass window had atree branch through it and it was SUCH a discouragement every time you looked up and saw it that you couldn't even concentrate on the message at all! And the "Reverend Doctor" had been out all night in the storm and had gotten a sore throat ... he could hardly speak and the message somehow just didn't seem to have the same "punch" to it! All were VERY discouraged by their experience that morning!!! Pretty soon the little man with the big Bible came along. The man asked him how it had gone with his group after the devastation of the storm the night before? Oh... the man said ... it was WONDERFUL ... maybe the best ever! The power was out, you know, so the hall was dark. One of the men lit a candle and placed it up by the bread and the cup. We couldn't read our hymnals, the man said, so we just sang hymns we knew by heart! We quoted scripture from memory and just told the Lord in a simple way how much he meant to us! Then we broke the bread and took the cup ... on of the men closed in prayer ... and it was over for another week! It was SO good, I almost wish we had a storm like that every week ... and off he went! Well ...which "church" do you suppose the man went to the next week? I know where I'd have been ...
Well ... the surroundings may change ... the comforts may vary... but in the end ... the remembrance of Him stays the same and has eversince that first night in the upper room!

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