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updated pic of benn's gross kuay:

standing (frm left): nick,carena,amy,stacy,priya,amanda
squatting (frm left): daniel,liling,xinghui,me,constance,benn

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okok today's boxing day...but i wanna tell u guys all abt my christmas eve n christmas day..hehe..

CHRISTMAS EVE: the usual bunch of us went to liling's hse to play pool..we walked all the way frm serangoon centrl to her hse..long walk..haha..oh n frm now on benn is called beverly, isaac is called isabella n nicholas is nicole..hahahaha...who came up wif the names i shall not say..hahaha...we played a few games of pool..whoa din noe got so many pro players in our midst..muz realli admit im sooo lousy at it..haha..then we decided to make use of isaac's ball so we went to play bball again...hehe..played for a while then all of them came over to my hse to wash up b4 they set off for caroling..[wahhh...i couldn't go wif them coz got christmas eve family dinner]...we forced benn to touch snoopy..realli forced..carried him down the stairs!!!haha...then it was time for them to go n for me to get ready for dinner..the dinner was at grand copthrone hotel..after dinner my dad drove us thru orchard rd to c the christmas lights..haha..but we were stuck in a jam!i ended up falling asleep n couldn't wake up for the countdown..haha..

CHRISTMAS DAY: in the morn the whole family went to church for christmas service..n well for me n the others our colour code for tt day was green..haha..so all of us were wearing green tops..yeah..haha..we sat in the gallery..the choir was soooo beautiful!!!after service we went to j8 for lunch..haha..then they decided to come over to play bball...we muz b mad abt bball!!!haha..after the game we went home to find tt snoopy was missing..so we [isaac benn nick n me...thanks guys!!!] walked around the neighbourhood to look for him..but no snoopy..finally dad n marvin found snoopy at further up the rd...haha...i was soooo happy!!!haha...realised tt isaac was rather attached to my dog too..n benn has decided tt snoopy was not so bad after all..haha..then isaac went home followed by nick..benn stayed for dinner coz his da jie [myra] was coming..haha..there were 3 dogs in my hse n all of them were going nuts...started peeing all over the place marking territories!!!gross...gonna disinfect the whole hse...myra stayed over n watch vcd n talked till 1am...then we fell asleep..haha..this is one christmas tt i realli enjoyed..n will always remember..
btw here's my family tree [so far]--->
great-great grandma: xinghui
great grandma: constance
lao pa:isaac


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yay...today's christmas eve...


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oopsss....i forgot...


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haiz..dun feel like writing anything today..but anw here's a song for u ppl out there...

Once i thought that love was meant for everyone else but me
Once i thought that no one knew the way
Now it only goes to show how wrong we all can be
Coz now it seems He loves me more each day

C: His love is warmer than the warmest sunshine
Softer than a sigh
His love is deeper than the deepest ocean
Wider than the sky
His love is brighter than the brightest star
That shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world that can ever change His love

Something happened to my heart
The day that i met Him
Something that i never felt before
And that something is that He has buried all my sins
And everyday i know He loves me more

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went to east coast to cycle today...2 hr long..including a 15 min break...haha...the breeze was soooo relaxing!!!we played at the beach for a little while...letting the waves splash at our feet...haha...the pics for today ----> -at east coast-


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heeeelllloooo...rainy day today..but nevertheless it's a sunday!!! tt means time to go to church!!!yep...after morning service the whole lot of us went down to macs for breakfast..haha..there wasn't enuff space all of us so we started shifting tables n chairs around..haha..almost turned macs upside down...oops...haha..then we went to church for sunday school...today's christmas special..the theme:JOY...we had to sit on the floor...no wonder the girls were told not to wear skirts..haha..the games were so funny...haha..after ss we [me conz amy wengyin liling xinghui stacy lisa daniel benn aaron] went for lunch...yupz..then we split up..but me amy conz n wengyin went to macs to take crappy pics..haha...so if u wanna hav a look at the pics ---> ~*21/12/2003*~

ps: the yellowy gross stuff in the pics is benn's mouldy kuay...yucks..can u believe it..he plans to keep it for another month to c it rot..hehe...bio experiment...

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hmm...now this entry is abt today...hehe..sorry arh...ok i'll make it short..hmm..the pls had a meeting in my mum's cafe today..we had a hard time opening the door..haha...until serene the wonderwoman dunno wat she do...then the door finally opened..the place was freezing..we had our branch n started work...we din realli complete wat we were supposed to do..but anw...after the meeting i went to church for yp..was late n hafta walk in the rain..haha..[not again..ya i noe...] we played games [" blow wind blow" n "fish bird rino giraffe"]..yeah..then had a short christmas msg..then go home! yep =P
ps: hey ppl make use of the tag board leh..hehe...thankie!

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hey ppl..this entry is abt yesterday [was too tired last nite to post an entry]..er gonna b quite long arh..so bear wif me..hehe..anw we [me xinghui liling stacy lisa benn isaac] played bball in bradell heights cc...one of the games we played was guys against girls...n can u believe it..the guys won 11:0!!! once the two of them got the ball the girls can forget abt touching the ball..haha..there was another grp of ppl playing..they wanted to play full court but we wanted to play at least half court too..so continued pur game..whenever those ppl came over to our side n we were blocking their way, they would start shouting vulgarities at us!!man..lisa was soooo angry..in the end we gave in n stopped our game..liling was trying to make us eat her kuay..or rather her mama's kuay..haha..xinghui benn n isaac came over to my hse to wash up b4 caroling..hmm i shall not say wat xinghui did/said..haha..[those who noe..shh...haha] then the 4 of us went to church to wait for the bus to bring us to dr.chew's hse..while waiting, we had a snack of mash potatoes n nachos outside 7 eleven..hehe...cheesey..finally it was time to set off...the bus ride was a noisy one [coz of us..hehe..] dr chew's hse is sooo nice n big..its like her whole family lives in the whole block of apartments!she has this really huge dog..german sheperd i think...so cool! anw we had a buffet dinner..[benn, u din eat 26 sticks of satay!] then we started singing...lalala...we sang each carol at least 3 times! the yp sang "how deep the Father's love for us" introed by joe reese...love the song! benn had a terrible runny nose..it was either the dog [the dog juz loves him man...] or the carpet..haha..liling had an outbreak of her laughing fits..laugh till her face turned red! oh man...haha...realli enjoyed myself..haha..yeah
ps: i forgot to take a pic of benn's kuay...haha..

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hwk which i hav yet to complete...
1.a ginormous pile of chinese
2.history source based n essay qns
3.ss-frm sch dna
4.goeg-dunno if i hav to do it...

soooo much hwk!!!!man..im slacking too much this hols..haha..play..go for camps..go shopping etc..*lazy bum*okok so i hafta pray for self-discipline so tt i will actually sit down n complete all my hwk b4 sch reopens..but christmas is coming!!!all the goodies *yumz* all the fun all the everything!!! yeah..better enjoy all the fun im having now b4 nxt yr [O's liao...no time to play..muz mug..sianz..but i'll do it man!!! yeah!!!] gonna play bball later..haha...c lah play again.. hey guys help me!!!

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now for another song..i shall put up a song each day..this one's real nice..it's frm the children's corner in church..

He's my Best Friend
He’s the Word of God (echo)
He’s the King of kings (echo)
He’s the Mighty One (echo)
Who made everything (echo)

C: He’s the Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
But best of all He’s my Best Friend

He’s the Prince of Peace (echo)
He’s the Bread of Life (echo)
He’s the Lamb of God (echo)
Who was sacrificed (echo)

He’s the Prince of Peace (echo)
He’s the Bread of Life (echo)
He’s the Lamb of God (echo)
Who was sacrificed (echo) Chorus

For all He does (echo)
For all His ways (echo)
For all He is (echo)
I give Him praise

He’s the Corner Stone (echo)
He’s the Great I Am (echo)
He’s the Lord of lords (echo)
Who will come again (echo) Chorus

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haiz...today is such a boring n gloomy day...even the weather says so..plus all i did today was TRY to do some hwk...TRY only...not exactly doing it..haha..lazy pig me..i oso had 1 1/2 hr long tuition..man can die leh..haha..but nvm..at least i can look forward to tmr..can play bball!!! can't wait...haha...yupz...
~*wat if tmr nvr comes???*~

ps: constance, u very cute leh..hehe..[this is to cheer u up..]

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heyheyz...i've got some pics tt we took on the last nite of the yc2003 [KNOW HIM]...go hav a look...

.:know Him:.

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here's a song i really like...very meaningful too :)

Did u ever talk to God above?
Tell Him that you need a friend to love
Pray in Jesus' name believing that
God answers prayer

Have you told Him all your cares and woes?
Every tiny little fear He knows
You can know He'll always hear
And He will answer prayer

You can whisper in a crowd to Him
You can cry when you're alone to Him
You don't have to pray out loud to him
He knows your thoughts

On a lofty mountain peak He's there
In a meadow by a stream He's there
Anywhere on earth you go
He's been there from the start

Find the answer in His Word it's true
You'll be strong because He walks with you
By His faithfulness He'll change you too
God answers prayer

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ok im feeling terrible right now..haha..i've got a swollen toe which is fatter than the other side's (due to playing bball in the rain barefooted during the camp...n yes it's still not ok)..i oso hav a sprained feeling in my bottom back,dunno how i got it..i juz woke up this morning n realised whenever i move it hurts..n to top it all up i got a very terrible runny nose!!!juz won't stop running..haha..now my nose is all red..wonder how many packets of tissue i'll use this time..the worst case was 10 1/2 packets..hehe..well it's only the start of the day..so i hope the rest of it will b ok..haha..okie..off to work now..[hope my back can take it man...eee...i sound like an old lady!!!] :)

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