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whee...yesterday was SAJC's sports day! haha although there was only one event for the day: 10x200m relay, its was really a sports day for some of us in s76! well cos before sports day was offcially declared open, some of us played basketball in the hot afternoon sun. needless to say, it was fun! the game and the sun drained most of our energy away. haha. oh no. yeah oh no cos those who were playing either bball or soccer were the ones who participated in the race. how cool is that? hee.
well when the heats began, we were all rather nervous. for one, we were not in shape to run. we were tired, eunice was sick and our captain wilfred had a last minute leg cramp! thank goodness we had a replacement, jacky. haha. we said a little prayer before the race bagan. it was comforting. well we came in fourth, which is not too bad, considering our worries, but we still could not qualify for the finals. blehz. but good job to all runners in s76!!! we made it to the finishing line!!!
after sports day ended, the guys played soccer. me, qianling and gillian joined them. hee. it wasn't easy playing with them. so in the end we grabbed our own ball and played by ourselves. haha. we waited so super long for the guys to finish their game (last goal seems to take forever!) before we set out for dinner. we went to harbour front foodcourt. we ate, talked and laughed. it was fun. especially since its with s76, the "scandalous" class. hahaha.
hmm yesterday was day filled with fun and no worries. and it was to spice up the monotonous life in jc. study study study. blehz. it's great to play some games to chill out. heh but i wonder how i did it wif my dent in my ankle (which i got from playing soccer, and which hurts!). who cares. everything comes with a price. the price for fun is a hurt ankle. hee.
today is the little princess's birthday party. haha.

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sighhh im so super tired! as most of u already know, i joined the girls soccer as a cca. haha. to some it came as a shock. yesyes i know. i myself am shocked. haha. okay anw, had soccer training today. and it was fitness training. as the word describes, it sure ain't relaxing. on the contrary, its tough! and i survived! heh its fun lah. oh but it was pouring today so the track was wet, and we did PT on the track, so our shirts and butts were soaking wet! rather gross, but oh well. i hope to be able to make it into the team. (so i get to wear the team sajc t-shirt! damn seh!)
hmm today qianling very poor thing. very sway. haha. firstly, she slipped and fell down the stairs. secondly, she had a cut on her finger, which she doesn't even know how she got it. thirdly, she got this bad rash, which itched the whole day. and lastly, she feel during training today. hit her head, and its the same spot where the soccer ball hit her head on tues' training. sigh, hope u r okay girl! haha.
oh ytd there were quite a number of soccer matches going on. the one i watched was SA vs HC. and sa beat hc 1-nil! wahaha...oh there was the rubgy finals too...SAS vs acs (i)...duh sas won! haha.
yes ytd, was eunice's sis's 21st birthday. she invited us (me, tingting, wilfred and kenneth) over to her place for the party. haha and the guys did smthg which i shall not say. *ahem ahem* haha.
die, got alot of tutorials to do and catching up of sch work...sighhhh

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wahhh haven't blogged for a long time! haha well i was rather busy and too tired with all the activities going on. haha okay anw life in SA has been great so far. my new class 05S76 rocks! hey ppl in 05S221 in mj, i miss u guys! my class for both first and second intake rocks!
yeah after orientation, it has been lectures all the way. and tmr the real work begins! oh no. haha. and im taking 4 sub! econs suck. why on earth did i ever choose to do econs??? sighhh. oh well. trying to catch up now. so today when we had a super long break, i was reading up on econs. me, qianling, tingting, qiuying and gillian were studying. well sorta. i actually forgo playing basketball wif eunice and the guys to study! oh man this is bad. real bad. im a slacker not a mugger! haha. well i guess after i can cope if my studies i will continue to slack. haha.
whee im going to try out girls soccer tmr! haha. believe it or not. yeah i noe my soccer skills suck but hey there's always the first time to try it out! haha.
oh btw grandma is in the hospital. pls pray for her. its in God's hands.
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

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