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guess what? i went back to my primary school today! ST. Margaret's Primary School! wahaha. cos my went with my mum to register my sister for primary 1 next year. so cool! a miniature me in polka dots! hee.
the building was renovated a little. the canteen vendors changed, no more yummy curry chicken and pizza bread. haha. the onli place that looks exactly the same is the bookshop area. the posters around there never changed either! i actually recognised them! haha.
the main motive of me going back was to see my teachers. but didn't get to see them. i onli saw some teachers who never taught me before, and yet they remember me! as in they know i was a former student there! hee. so nice.
i can't wait till i can drive, then i can send my sis to school or pick her up, then i'll get to visit the school more often!
i've got something to confess. im confused, im kinda messed up right now, and im tired of things. i shall not go on to elaborate, but to cut things short, i need a spiritual therapy.
Oh God, please show me Your Will. help me to do things that are pleasing to You, that may glorfy Thy name. i pray that You will turn my weakness into strength, i give You my weakness. help me to trust in You more. help me to love others more. Amen.

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yes!!! italy won!!! i woke up in the wee hours of the night to watch the match. haha. hmph mum and dad said they would catch it too, but...they couldn't wake up! haha. i was initially quite awake, however by half-time i began to feel sleepy. i had to stand up hugging my garfield to stay awake! haha.
THE GOAL SCORED BY ITALY WAS SO PRETTY!!! and what is wrong with Zidane?! my goodness, that red card was so unecessary. tsk tsk.
the result of the match ending so late (or so early in the morning), almost half my class wasn't in school today. i practically had to drag myself to school. it's a wonder i could actually concentrate during lessons with only 3 hours of sleep. heh. but im gonna take a nap later. hee hee.

If I kissed you
Would fireworks fly
Woud angels sing with lollipops
Would dinosaurs cry
Would babies all gurgle in laughter and surprise

If I kissed you.
If I kissed you

What would Michaelangelo say
Would he still have sculpted David
Would we be immortalized in clay
Would the poets write of love like ours
Would John Donne have his say
If I kissed you
You could be one in a million

You could be the one for me
But l guess I’ll never know if I never try
I guess I’ll just have to grab you in my arms and kiss you.
If I kissed you

Would you lose track of time
Would you feel a surge of happiness
Running up your spine
Would you run naked in the street with a tattoo of my name on your behind
If I kissed you.
Oh, if I kissed you
Yeah, if I kissed you.

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i need to get back the momentum of studying. we got back some of out BT2 results. seeing people improve but not myself makes me kinda worried. well, i suppose this is a wake up call to continue sudying. yepp so, study i shall! i hope...
yesterday i watched Just My Luck with gil, luling and merv. when you're down on your luck, my goodness, you are really into alot of headaches. haha. too bad (or rather, too good) for me, i dun believe in luck or superstitions. i believe in God's will. so whatever happens it's by the will of God. even my bad results.
im quite sad to call myself a singaporean when i've lived in singapore for 18 years and yet have not been to some places in singapore. haha. i went to the esplanade yesterday. when i was taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying the cool breeze, i just suddenly realised that there are some places in singapore i have not been to. okay, one added thing on my what-to-do-after-Alevels list: to explore the whole of singapore! haha.
ahhh im so looking forward to the end of A levels!!! i can't wait to totally enjoy life. sighhh... well, for now i shall just look forward to every weekend when i can go to church and hangout with my church buds. it is there and with them that i feel so happy. especially knowing God is in our presence. and i can't wait for fellowship games! haha. onli thing is, its the prelims period. SIAN! who cares, im still playing. one day off won't hurt. i hope.
heh heh.

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