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lalala...study study study...
heh this is for the sake of blogging. recently i dun hav much to blog about. or rather just too lazy to. haha. so i shall just leave u guys with this. read.
Psalm 31:24Be of good courage. Joshua was exhorted, "Be thou strong and very courageous" and here the psalmist encourages his readers in much the same way. Today there are many challenges, bad news to be received, rejection to be faced and lonely paths to be trod. In such circumstances we are not really alone because we can rely on the presence of the Lord who Himself trod these paths. And brighter days will come, because His comfort illuminates the darkest experiences. Therefore, be of good courage, take heart, go on. The Lord is for you! —Roy Hill God is my strong salvation; what foe have I to fear? In darkness and temptation, my light, my help, is near; Though hosts encamp around me, firm in the fight I stand; What terror can confound me, with God at my right hand? —J. Montgomery

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i believe there is more to a student's life other than studying right? oh man, all that is on our minds now is how on earth are we gonna pass promos? are we gonna get promoted? when issit gonna be over?! sigh.
well yeah school has been great. besides the fact we are all stressing out for the up coming promos. feeling drained and exhausted, mentally and physically. blehz. but im surviving. yay.
argh, after promos there's still pw and chinese ao levels. i am so looking forward to the december hoilday break. the long awaited well desevered break! heh.
just praying that i will continue to be strong, no matter what.

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can you believe it? i went all the way to woodlands library to study! haha. mind you, study. man, its been a long time since i've studied like that. hmm since the o levels study break to be exact. haha. hmm not that i actually mugged, but i got down to studying. yipee. ooh and i was with amy and mervyn. eh, so imagine, with those 2 ppl how can you expect me to concentrate?! haha and besides my attention span is super short. ppl who have studied with me before would know. hee.
well, we studied. and we talked and we listened to songs and we took neoprints!!! wahaha. some kind of study group this is huh. oh well. i can't help it. hee.
and it's cousin lynette's birthday today!!! whee! we went to no signboard restaurant for dinner. wah, ate till i felt so bloated! haha. the joy of having holidays. argh, wait till school reopens, no more fun and freedom.
ah tmr got gp presentation. sianzzzz...

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attention everyone! go watch the movie innocent steps! its realli cool and touching. whoa look at the way the move their body to the music! simply fantastic! and the lead actress is soooo cute! the lead actor has a great body! haha. but what i realli like about the movie was the plot. so romantic! tingting and i were crying! (ahem qiuying, she burped. hee) it's the first movie i actually cried so much for. so touching! i couldn't stop crying until the whole movie was over and ppl started to vacate the theatre. haha. my eyes were all puffy after that. heh.
we had maths lect in school yesterday. but was practically useless, cos we were all not listening. so we zao during the break. haha that is why we decided to go watch the movie. oooh me and ting bought pretty earrings! haha. so in order to wear those pretty earrings, she went to pierce her ears! haha we accompanied her. ouch but it was a fast process. haha.
then we went home to mug. well supposedly. hee.

-mask uncovered-


im here to blog about yesterday. cos whatever i blogged about yesterday was wiped out! argh. okay nvm.
well we had a half day at school yesterday! whee, dismissed at 12.15! no chinese! yipee! haha. so we decided to go catch a movie. oh my goodness, while others are mugging away, there we were slacking. tsk tsk. erm well, the girls: me, tingting and eunice, waited for the guys: wilfred, boonkeat, nicholas and bernard, to play soccer until 1pm before we left school. haha that's my class guys for you, soccer is their life. heh.
yep off to watch a movie we went. i wanted to go to cine, but ting and eunice wanted to go to ps. the guys are netral. so majority wins, we went to ps. sigh. haha we watched herbie: fully loaded. well the storyline is rather conventional, but i liked the show! its just so cute. hee. after the movie we took neoprints! man, it was the most havoc neoprint i ever took! seriously. we were all trying to squeeze in, there were screams and shouts all the time, and pushing around too. haha! thinking back, its a rather hilarious scene. haha.
then eunice had to go home. then we walked around and window shopped abit. walk, walk, walk aimlessly. finally we went to macs cos ting wants to buy me a hot fudge sundae. yummy! in the end we all stoned at macs for quite some time, feeling sian with like nothing to do. then bernard and nick decided to leave. so the remaining 4 of us, we still deciding what to do. we just dun feel like going home. heh. finally we came to a decision: go to swensens for dinner! whee. yeah so had our dinner there. we stayed at swensens for a long time talking, even after our meal. haha. talk talk talk, laugh laugh laugh. then duwane came to look for us. ahem, he came with june. haha. so we paid for the food and left for home.
wow, i spent another day out. haha. when will i ever settle down and start studying?! like never! oh no, this is bad. haha. well, i'll try.
sigh, you know something, i realised that some problems are not all that complicated, its just that we are the ones making it complicated.
i want to get out this mess. i realli want to. but i can't, i just can't. what's the problem now? i dunno. it has snowballed. its gonna take alot from me to get out this. argh, someone help

-mask uncovered-