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one week has flown by...it's friday again. sighhhh they hols are flying away...bit by bit...
well anyway, today we had a friendly soccer match with the girls from aj. yeah we won! hmm we did warm ups in the rain. heavy rain mind you. the droplets were big and heavy. haha. it was fun. haven't played in the rain for a long time! yeah so by the time the game started we were soaking wet. haha.
it's jolynn's birthday today. we taupoked her on aj's field and smashed chocolate cake into her face! hee.
after the match, the team went to j8 for lunch. my socks and shoes were disgustingly soggy. so i bought a new pair of socks to change into. my goodness, it felt so much better! haha. deb bought a pair of flip flops. i ate beef noodles and ice kachang with no kachang! hee.
then after lunch i rush down to ps to meet my pw group. our meeting was a rather quick one. haha. yep, then it was home sweet home!
went home to play with my little doggie...haha it's so cute i tell you!!! hee.
whee monday is coming! anticipating...haha cos it's the start of bible camp!!! yay!!!

-mask uncovered-


wheeee...we've got a new dog!!! or rather a puupy!!! it's called qb!!! super cuteee...and still quite tiny. haha. playful little doggie. hmm and thankfully both snoopy and qb can get along well. eh but once in a while the small one can get a little aggressive towards snoopy. weird huh? haha. bought new dog supplies for qb yesterday. ahhhh im soooo happy!!! love my new doggie!!! oooh i forgot to mention, qb shares the same birthday as isaac! wahahaha...
hmm i studied (a little) yesterday at amk library with serene and gillian. when we got bored of studying, we decided to walk to the mac's at serene's house, which is the mac's opposite chucrh. hee. we stayed there and talked for quite a long time, then we went home.
well, i dun think i'll be studying much today. i'll be going for guides meeting later and then will be out for dinner, cos it's mummy's birthday!! hee bought her a ring with "best mum" engraved on it. =) hmm think nanz will be coming over later before guides to play with qb. haha.
last night i followed mum and dad to the driving range to play golf. haha yeah i hit some balls too. then we went for supper. roti prata! rocks man. haha. this is what i call a holiday. all play and no work. haha. so that means what im having now is not a holiday! cos i still have to study. heh. oh well.

-mask uncovered-


sighhh...im sick. poeple around me are falling sick. this is sick! haha. okay mayb the virus has attacked my brains. well, once again im bored stiff at home. hmm at least i got out of the house yesterday. went to church for games day. =)
oooh guess what? i can go for Bible camp!!! whee...there's still some available places so thought of going. hee. my bro's going too. lalala. hmm its on the 3rd week of june, which means i need to start studying seriously to be able to catch up. blehz.
i've had diarrhoea for 3 consecutive days and now im down with a slight fever. great way to spend the hols huh. cos of this, i can't go to sentosa for the soccer team outing. so sad =(
going out later. gotta change my picture on my passport. hee the current picture is my pri3 photo. haha.
yep okay that's all i have to say for now...

-mask uncovered-