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sighhh...im soooo bored!!! nothing to do at home. and i still have an unfinished econs essay to do, which was actually due yesterday. oops. but after writing one paragraph, i felt so distracted so i decided to come use the com. heh.
well i've spent today slacking away, either on the com or sleeping. haha i sound like a pig. anw, i woke up at 0930 today, but after lunch i felt very sleepy again. so i took a 2 hr nap. dunno why i felt so tired. oh no, mayb im falling sick. blehz. hope not. haha.
there's no one to talk to online. everyone seems to be busy with something...except me. i can't seem to find something to occupy me with. definately not studies. haha. oh well, at least i'll be out of the house tmr. got soccer training again. good or bad i dunno.
anw, i've been blog hopping. reading other ppl's blogs. i wonder why ppl talk abt their crushes on a blog. and when someone reads about it and ask them who they like, they refuse to reveal. funny, isn't it? they write it on the blog, arouse curiosity, and don't want others to know about it. i mean, they type on the blog as though it's their own personal diary, when in actual fact it's publicised on the world wide web, where it's open to everyone to read. oh wells.
crushes, such a headache. and yet they are somehow an enjoyable part of life. ironic, isn't it? haha. i think all this boredom is affecting me. thinking too much. haha.

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yay the hols are here!!! play play play + study...yes study. blehz. the common tests are just after the hols, so i have no choice but to study. how dreadful that word can be. oh wells. but all work and no play will make mel a dull girl. haha so im sure to find time to play. oh boy i will. hee.
even before the hols started i was already in the holiday mood. the whole of last week. everyday after school was occupied with activities, and i reached home rather late. tues went to watch kingdom of heaven with tingting, qiuying and gillian. qianling couldn't go cos of soccer. wed i went to watch the soccer finals: MJ vs VJ! whoo hoo and MJ won!!! they broke vj's record of holding the championships for 7 yrs running!!! whee...mj all the way!!! meeting up with all my mj friends was great! missed them so much. okay anw, thurs i watched another soccer match, but this time was between sa girls vs queensway sec girls. a friendly match. well we lost. but it's okay. then on fri watched madagascar! with ting, gillian, qiuying, qianling (my madagascar gang, hee), wilfred and boonkeat. madagascar was soooo cute!!! i love it! hee. after that we took neos! haha. then ting, qianling and qiuying left. the remaining of us decided to go play bball. haha yes bball. so the serangooners, me and wilfred, brought gillian and boonkeat to play bball near our place. we played till 9pm then we tabao dinner to my place. haha
sat went to pulau ubin for yp outing! my first at ubin. haha i know lah i very swaku. haha. anw we tracked for 15km. but mayb my group walked more. cos we got lost! the lost lollipops! haha. well it was fun.
today i went back to school for chem lect and soccer training. training was tough! mayb cos the weather was scorching hot! and we did alot of running! im darker now. heh the girls in soccer can turn into a maid agency. haha. anw, after training we shot a few balls with wilfred before setting off to ps for lunch. haha. after lunch we decided to play pool. but then qianling and wil had no outside sch shirt, so we went to carrefour to shop for a cheap shirt, and they ended up buying a $3.90 shirt! wahahaha. well....okay so we went to play pool. it was fun. we each took turns to have a moment in glory and walk around the pool table doing the victory wave. wahaha. yes it was lame.
so this is my first day of my june holiday. hmm wonder if i'll continue to play like this for the rest of the hols. haha. oh well. see how it goes. whee.

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Your Japanese Name Is...

Hoshiko Hojo

What's" your Japanese Name?

haha wat a cool jap name i have!

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"raindrops are falling on my head, and just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed, nothing seems to fit..."
yeah it has been raining these few days. realli cool weather, after that peroid of heat wave! haha.
and just like the weather suggests, im feeling gloomy now. so bored. dun wanna study. dun wanna do hwk.
well, yesterday my class went for learning journey. and we were assigned to go to the corrupt practices investigation bereau!!! er it was kinda boring, talks and all, the onli thing interesting was bernard and the lie detector. haha. after the whole thing we took a class pic (and some other group pics) at the carpark. whee. the first class outing. well so-called class outing. oooh and something realli funny happened. wahahahahaha...but i shall not say what happened, lest i embarrass someone. hee. but that caused my to laugh real hard. i was laughing all the way home and whenever i think of it i laugh even more. haha. okay anw me, eunice, leanne and wilfred went to j8 after that. we ate at yakun kaya toast! yumyum. hee.
had chem test today. chemical bonding. may fail. sighhh. today was nil excitement. which explains my gloomy mood. guess im one person who needs excitement. at least a little. haha.
looking forward to the weekends. its gonna be a long one. monday's a public holiday! whee hee! looking forward to the june hols as well. but there's alot of studying to do. oh well. i must keep reminding myself that this is what jc life is like. hey but looking on the bright side, i have a bunch of friends in my class who never fails to amaze me and make me laugh. haha so that's one good thing.

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hmm realised i have been posting one entry per week. heh. guess im simply too lazy. but hey i've got alot of tutorials to do and tests to study. blehz. sigh, there are signs for me to study, but sadly im sorta ignoring them. how can i? anw got back tests papers. failed econs and maths, passed chem. great, just great.
well anw, i have completed my NAPFA test! hmm think i can get a gold. whee! so here are the results: 2.4km-14.19 mins. shuttle run-11.0s. sit ups-39. sbj- 192cm. sit and reach-42cm(yeah im bad at it!). inclined pull ups- 12. im pleased with my results. overall my class is quite fit, everyone did quite well in their NAPFA. there's ppl like the vanessa the long-dist runner, qianling the sprinter, tingting the super flexible girl, jacky who flies for sbj, andy who can do alot of pull ups, etcetc, and of cos the guys who play soccer and bball during breaks and after school.
think im much fitter ever since i came into jc. wonder why. haha. oh sa's field is in a very strategic location where the sun shines all day, so its a great place to get a suntan. esp during soccer trainings!
oh ya, one piece of very sad news. sa soccer team lost to njc yesterday and is now out of the game! i stayed back to watch n support the team, and it was the first soccer match that i have watched that i actually could feel the suspense, fear and excitement. well, i dun watch much soccer in the first place. yes anw back to the game, sa scored the first goal in the first half. then nj scored 3 goals in a matter of just 10 mins! shocking! that's when we all started feeling all nervous and jittery. it was a tough fight, but in the end we still lost. when the referee blew the whistle, from the gallery where i was sitting, i could see the sa soccer players all dropped onto the ground, scattered around the field, devastated. it was sad. they cried. the goalkeeper cried. the teacher cried. but nj was rejoicing. i was very sad, and still am. my heart dropped. all of us were so confident that sa would be able to thrash nj, but well the tables turned. everyone went home feeling sad. oh well.
team sajc realli rocks. there's this team spirit within them. though we may not win anything, but the fighting spirit is still within them.
my class rocks too. so at least there's something to spice things up with all the boring lectures and tutorials. haha.
yay, its the weekends! there's soccer training tmr. sigh but i've got alot of hwk to finish and tests to study for. there goes my weekend. gone. all gone. blehz.

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wheee this week feels soooo slack! haha i've been playing ALOT! on monday, labour day, me amy myra benn lynette and jiaxin played bball in the court near my place. haha then dad drove us to east coast park, together with marvin and melody. well we went there cos the little princess wants to play sand in the beach. blehz. haha. we played more ball there. phew great workout we had! haha. after was dinner at old airport road! hee we ordered quite alot of food. then finally we went home. and yes i started doing my hwk onli then.
on tuesday, i played bball again. this time with my class. we played a little soccer too! hee went home quite late. well juz in time for dinner. by the time i reached home, i was too tired to do any work. haha.
and yesterday, had soccer training! whee it was the start of the selection for school team. tried to play my best, though they were many others who were much better than me. hee after training, we, the soursop drink fan club, rushed to buy soursop! haha refreshing! okay that was lame, but seriously the soursop drink very nice! haha. mum drove me home and gave qianling and samantha a lift home too. oh yes, i was too tired to any work again! and i had 60 chengyu to study for! but the bed was calling me...haha.
well no workout for me today, juz a pile of procrastinated tutorials waiting for me. haha. in the end we onli had 30 chengyu for the test. cos we bargained to hav it nxt week. hee. we are always bargaining with the teacher. some of us stayed in the classroom after lessons and blasted music in the room. juz for fun. all bcoz we dun feel like going home yet. haha. hmm din stay for the RJ vs NJ soccer match. but heard RJ thrashed NJ. not sure abt the score though.
so as u can see, my week if rather slack. pros and cons. but i think i need to start bucking up! heh. me, mugging? haha i would like to see that happen.
okay so i think i better hit the books now. *heh like real!* bye! =P

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