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yay..gd mood today..dunno y...juz high again i guess [yeah not surprising to some huh??? haha]..ooo juz some gd news!!!GAGE BROWN WON THE HOUSE CHAMPIONSHIPS AGAIN!!!haha...yep for some of u who dun noe wat im toking abt..yesterday was smss sports meet at sajc..n gage brown won...haha...ahem its my house tt's y so happy...oh for the inter-class race, 4e5 won 2nd!!!!yay...another thing to rejoice abt...haha..screamed so much..anw aftr tt the PLs went to harbour front macs to hav PLC..moved the tables all over the place n once or twice gave others a shock with our outbursts of laughter..some kind of meeting huh...but well...haha...then after tt i went to yp..yep...oh not to forget..it was denise's bdae yesterday..HAPPY BDAE, GIRL!!!haha...kk...tt was abt yesterday...hmmm today nuttin much..but juz one interesting thing...i found out tt daniels's mum was my mum's classmate frm smss...tt was wayyyyy back...n their form teacher was mrs rosalind khoo...yeah n i hav to invite her on their behalf to their class gathering..how's tt??haha...makes we wonder if we will ever remember each other n gather to hav a reunion 10 or 20 yrs down the road...haha..this is such a small wold...hahahahahaha...

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hey congrats to all who hav received their O's results!!!im so proud of u all!!!done so well huh?giving me pressure u noe..makes me wonder if i'll ever make it for my O's...haiz...anw this yr's results sure r fantastic...those taking higher MT..im so happy for u all!!!haha...muz celebrate!!!take more pics hav more fun get more high...try to enjoy all i can now b4 the studying begins...but looks like with bLaStIfIeD 2004 i can onli start the real studying during april...u noe im gonna miss everything abt sec sch life...super sad...gonna miss guiding, the guides rm, all the guides [esp the PLC], the teachers, the activities, well everything!!!ok so im getting all emotional...haha...too bad...kkz shall not bore u all any further..anw all the best to everyone n God bless!!!

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yay...so happy...yesterday was one of my best day of my life..(can say so lah)..haha...coz SMSS 1st Coy South won the Puan Noor Aisyah Award!!!whoa...nvr seen ms ho so happy abt it b4...haha...plus 8 of the PLs [me nanz sam mich siti bev serene n nithya] performed an item in the indoor stadium...i was so freaking nervous coz the place was so freaking big n there were freakingly so many guides n brownies!!!but well after screaming n singing at the top of our voices our hearts stopped beating so quickly...haha...n thank goodness the dance was a success!!!we video cammed the whole thing...[thanks to my mummy!!!]haha...after everything me siti mich ms ho ms yeo n ms lee went to the reception to eat n take pics wif mrs elizabeth choy, mrs teo chee hean n mrs wong...haha...then 8 of us went to bugis to celebrate!!!ain't it a great day??haha...well it was for me!!!yupx...hahahaha...hehehe...

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some of u may not noe this song but for others the songs is alreadying ringing in ur head...juz like me..haha...its now on my "favourite songs" list...heex...

Remember The Magic
by Brian McKnight

Can you remember
Back to a simpler time
Back to the watercolor days
That still run through your mind

Oh, I remember just my old friend and me
Runnin' through an open field
The way it used to be

The feeling that our hearts could just take wings
We could live out all our dreams
The journey there was never far away

But like a dream come true
That's still inside of you
The secret of tomorrow is
To live your dreams today

Remember the night
Remember the feeling
Remember the magic
In our lives

You opened up my eyes
To a new world revealing
So remember the magic
Just remember the magic
One more time
Oh, remember

Do you remember
The way it used to feel
When love was only make-believe
And fairy tales were real

Oh, I remember
You were with me once again
Free to live our fantasies
It never has to end

The feeling that our hearts would just take wings
We could live a world of dreams
Together we would sail against the wind
And now I know where to begin
How to find it all again
From now until forever

Remember the time
Remember the feeling
Remember the magic
In your eyes

You opened up my eyes
And you gave life new meaning
So remember that feeling
Just remember the magic
One more time
One more time
Remember the magic

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okok so i've been sooooooooooooooo bz that i haven't been updating my blog...due to popular demand here i m writing again...haha...well many things hav happened during this period of time...let me announce some late news...in case some of u dun already noe...1st Company South Girl Guides [smss girl guides] hav won the Gold award!!!!!and we will be presenting an item in the indoor stadium on Thinking Day...infront of whole s'pore's guides, the First Lady and my principal!!!man...im sooo happy!!!!!!!realli gotta thank the Lord for this....yep...anw life hav been realli bz wif tests n hwk n preparing for bLaStIfIeD...yeah...so tt's all i hafta say..

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