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sigh the story is too long to say it here, too lazy to talk about it too. but in a nutshell, i was tricked and mervyn is bad, he bully me. hmph. and he is gonna receive punishment from me tmr. heh heh.
well, we got back our pw results today. bad, horrible, terrible. okay, so i got band 2. not bad. the horrible part was the overall results of my school. which there is obviously some serious problem about it! argh. hmm im happy that my group is a value added group! haha meaning, given the amount of work done/ effort versus the results we got, its value added! cos my group has got 3 ppl, namely me, ting and nicholas who got band 2. and we are like super slack! pizza hut and zhen qing! haha. yay...until this day, i do not see the meaning in doing pw. bleh.
today's training was light. okay, i dunno if you consider running for 25 mins non-stop and 25 mins of non-stop statc exercises light. haha. but it wasn't intensive training, so it was okay. tournament is just next week! i can't believe it, time passes so quickly. sigh.
yay! at least tmr's a holiday! good friday! bleh, but i got my first session of tuition tmr. so sad... oh wells...

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ouch i sprained my finger during pe today. played captain's ball. hee. complained to my mum, she was rather amused by it. saying, its all part of growing up. sheesh, what a thing to say, i mean, it has totally no link lah! haha that's my mum for you, no link.
i sprained my pointer, qianling sprained her thumb, ting scraped her knee and gillian's ankle hurts. man, the growlers spirit. one for all, all for one! haha.
hmm today's lessons weren't as sian as yesterday's. managed to get by the whole day. hee hee. survived till the end, and went for training. I WANT TO COMPLAIN! tanglin field 2 is like so super ulu lah! and i realli mean ulu. its like even if we got killed there no one knows, cos its like so deep into the forest or smthg. bleh. the place has got no lamp or any form of electrical light, so when the sun sets, it'll be totally pitch black. hmph. not fair! our tournament will be held there, and the place is so ulu no one will know how to get there, then no one will go down to support us. wah... we, the soccer girls, has such a low profile anw. how sad.
okay, that's all i've got to say. im gonna hit the books! mug mug mug!!! heh.

ooh check this site out, i think its cool. hmm shirin, here it is, the webbie i was talking about.
enjoy! =D

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fine shirin, i shall blog. and im sitting right next to you lah! hee. well, we're enjoying our rather long break here in the comfort of our air conditioned library. so i shall take this time to blog. hmm when im actually supposed to be studying? tsk tsk...
yipee! i was so high yesterday! and a bit of the highness is still in me today, though most of my energy has been drained away by the oh-so-eventful yesterday. hee.
lessons ended rather quickly for those who dropped econs. at 1215! wahaha...then me, shirin and gillian went to my place to slack. well, actually for me to chrage my phone. haha. we told each other stories and watched channel-u advertisements, gillian's favourite past-time. hee! then we left fo MJ. to watch the SA vs AC match. hmph, i dun wanna talk about that. though we were pretty high from all the cheering!
me, gillian, worm, shirin and jeff shared a cab back down to school for life concert. we begged the uncle to spqueeze the 5 of us in. haha. it pays to have "aunties" with us. hee hee. so yep, we made it back in time. met up with mervyn. then saw mello too! im SO SO SO happy to see her!!! i miss you so much mel! =D
sean, bryan, brandon, darius, ben, huimin, chloe, faith and amanda were at life concert too! too bad din get to sit with them. cos heard they were cracking jokes and laughing the whole time unitl their stomach hurts. why am i not surprised? *grins*
went for dinner with my church buds. my goodness, it was like 2130 (or later) when our food came. wah! wonder how i managed to last that long. haha. by the time i got home, i was too tired to do anything. but i had to finish up my stupid gp journal, which i wrote half awake, or barely awake at all! sheesh. but i smiled myself to sleep. and i had SWEET dreams!
hmm i've got training later...

special post to WHY-OH-EU:
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these 5 words i swear to you
when you breathe i wanna be the air for you

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