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hey today's post is abt ytd. haha. anw ytd we were supposed to have a PLC get-together. well onli 5 of us (me, nanz, sam, mello, serene) turned up. nevertheless we had alot of fun! we went to Siloso Beach. we baked in the sun while playing the water and on the rocks. then sam and i went kayaking! haven't done so in a looonnnggg time. it was rather ex though. hmm we spent quite a long time under sun, so now my back is burnt, red and sore! haha. it's a price to pay for wanting a tan. haha. after washing up, we walked around. me and mello shared 2 packets of candy floss and 2 cups of corn! hee. can't halp it if i have a sweet tooth! haha. then we went to the ferry terminal fountains to take silly pics! well mostly of me and serene onli. we were posing all the silly poses. haha. then it was time to leave. i went for yp. took the train wif serene to amk. heh and we came up wif another bet wif mello. shall not say wat it is though. haha.
i was late for yp. missed singspiration. they were playing spider and fly went i entered the hall. haha. bs ytd was great. the grp was bigger than usual, so we moved to the library.
after bs we made our way to uncle eric's house for a gathering and dinner. 7 of us (me, con, amy,wengyin, liling, lydia, rachel) sat in uncle thomas' car. haha of cos we made alot of noise, as usual. had a wonderful dinner. i was soooo full. ate so many cookies too! oh we were sharing alot of jokes ard. super funny!!! con couldn't catch some of the jokes and most of the jokes were abt her. wahaha. yeah and now con has a new best fren called mimi! hahaha. i laughing so hard tears flowed out of my eyes and my tummy ached! me, con, wengyin and liling went home by bus. we all live in the same area. haha. we talked alot on the bus. and i miss wengyin! haven't seen her much since she has gone to depot walk. oh and i realli love being ard the lord's ppl. it's smthg hard to explain but yeah...
yeah so that's it!

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heyyy!!! im posted to SA!!! wheee....my dream jc. haha. wow there are like so many polka dots in SA. turn everywhere and you see polka dots! cool! well anw i was so pissed at myself this morning. i felt so stupid. i mean how can anyone be so stupid and set the wrong time on the alarm clock? i think im the onli goondu who is capable of that! arg. yeah so i overslept. if it wasn't for 2 smses i received i would have woken up at 0715! thank goodness mum hasn't left the house so i asked her to send me to school. great way to start my life in SA huh. heh.
hmm after sch, me, joleen, sarah, serene and sharlene went all the way to chinatown to look for SA uniform. we walked round the place like alot of times and finally found it! but there were so amny ppl there wanting to try the uniform too. so in the end i decided to buy it another day. blehz. hmm then went to smss for guides meeting. wow.
im super tired i dunno why. perhaps cos i woke up with a start. haha. partly cos i spent a whole day out ytd. suppose to have a class outing but onli 6 ppl turned up. and onli 5 of us watched the movie. ROBOTS!!! super funny! after that the girls, me, charmayne and shufen went shopping. the guys got bored they went home. we continued shopping until 8 plus then we decided it was time to go home. im sooo gonna miss them! sighhh...

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im bored. realli bored. very sian too. im thinking abt things that im not supposed to. im not thinking of the things im supposed to. im not doing the things im supposed to do too. yay and im not making any sense. how's that? and the thought of having to go to school tmr makes my mood even duller. arg. blehz. haha im blogging for the sake of blogging. not that i have anything to say realli. so ya...sigh =S

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haha i juz came back from a sec4 reunion. so cool!!! great to see all my fellow polkadots again! haha. though the food wasn't fantastic, but the atmosphere of getting together is extremely great. with the music blasting, we boogied on the dance floor. well for a while. then there was the slide shows of the classes. sigh all the crappy photos we took just bring back sweet and fond memories of our secondary school days. which we dearly miss. the get together was simply fabulous! more than words can describe. well i laughed too much. so much im feeling sleepy. haha good nite everyone! =)

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hahaha i haven't been blogging cos i was too engrossed in minesweeper. tried for 5 days to complete the expert stage! wahaha but today, I HAVE FINALLY CONQUERED MINESWEEPER!!! oh yeah oh yeah...*shake around* haha. yeah feeling all high about it. haha. a sense of accomplishment. hee.
hmm haven't been going out either. slacking around at home. feel so bored. but oh well i'll be out tonight. going back to smss for a sec4 reunion dinner. haha cool huh.
here's juz a post to tell u guys how happy i am to conquer minesweepr. haha.
*continue to dance around*

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well today went back to st.marg's to help out in guides' meeting. sigh this is the first guides meeting i attended this year. haha. my dear darling juniors i hope u realise how close u are to ae, so pls pls pls try to buck up and work together!!! speed things up!!! im getting all nervous and worried for them. well today they had sandwich making competition. the YAs were the judge so we had to go around tasting all the food. if i get food poisoning, they are so gonna pay. haha. kidding. hmmm there wasn't any testwork today, so we kinda wasted our time trying to prepare for the testwork!!! so i left early and went to amy's hair salon. well not her's but she works there. haha. sean, mervyn and matthew were there to get their hair cut. while getting their hair washed they caused quite a bit of commotion. haha very funny, realli. amy trimmed my hair a little. haha not a bad job i muz say.
AE round the corner!!!

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haha another "high" day for me! filled with so much fun! heh guess that's wat always excite me. fun. that's all i need. erm well sorta. well there's wasn't sunday school today (cos of the 141st anniversary) so after morning service me, amy, con and joan went to PS to buy joan's FBT shorts.
then i went to aranda country club to attend ms mariam's wedding. i dragged amy along to crash the wedding. hahaha. ms mariam looked great in her wedding outfit! and her husband is quite good-looking. heh resembles the guy in ARCHA! haha. after taking pics and eating lunch there, my class went to play pool! yes, again. but it's fun! wah today me and shufen so tyco! could actually tie wif the pros hock n hooker. haha.
well had to leave early cos had to be back in church for singing practice. sigh we travelled to and fro from angmokio to pasir ris! walked till i had blisters on my feet. hmm amy and i were late but not as late as con and nick!!! hmph. long story.
love the song we sang for the anniversary: God will make a way. how true. and i think the whole item sounded realli good! haha well the little kids sang so melodiously. so cute too! then it was prize giving. i got the 2nd prize. haha. =P
anw i had to bring my sis and bro home cos my parents had to attend a wedding dinner. after the whole anniversary alot of ppl(esp the guys) were surrounding my sis! haha. they took out their camera phones and tried snapping pics of melody. wahaha chase her around, screaming, shouting. chaotic! terrorise poor melody! oh well i can't help it if my sis is just so adorable. heh. she played so much that she took so a long time to get to sleep! still too high. haha.
juz love the times spent with my frens. =)

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haha instead of going to school today i went to sentosa with amy and con. well, to suntan. heh so much for spending 3 hrs in the sun baking. i wasn't even chaota! oh well guess my skin's the kind that can't retain tan. so sad. haha. hmm but nevertheless we still had alot of fun, baking swimming and taking pics. must go there again. haha.
after that the two of them came over to my place. we went to our "secret hideout" to talk and gaze at the evening sky. well the stars came out much later. haha.
wow another day out. it rocks. haha.

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wahahaha feeling all high now! just came back from a 4e5 (2004) class reunion!!! hee it was so great to see everyone again!!! and there is still this one 4e5 spirit within us as the hearts of the class beat as one! mdm su bought us dinner at pizza hut, so sweet of her! we talked n made alot of noise there. ningdie was telling us abt her job at the shoeshop (abt those bimbo collegues of hers) and we updated each other abt JC life. zhiyu was so funny!! order so much food but still we managed to finsh all of it. sigh how i miss my class!!! anw can't wait for the next class gathering! well today nuttin interesting except for this class gathering. oh ya amy n con are over at my place to stayover!!! hee yep tmr not going to sch. heh heh.

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hey guys i hav decided to start blogging again!officially. hee. well studying seems so dull now. okay mayb it has always been dull. but now i realli totally dun hav the mood to even do my hwk. waiting for the posting results to come out!!! pray i can get into SA. though i'll miss MJ, esp 05S221!!! u guys rock man!!! i'll miss all the nonsense n stupid jokes we hav! hahaha...oh well...
anw thank goodness lessons end at 2 today. if not i dun think i'll b able to take it. i was like so sian n tired. oh except for chinese lesson, cos long-ge n larry were coming up with chinese names for everybody. i was laughing so hard, so much tt i kena tio by teacher! hmm dun i always end up in this kinda situation where im called by a teacher?? blehzzzz...
oh there was a totally, utterly disgusting flattened lizard on the classroom door!!! i freaked out! I HATE LIZARDS!! shufen, charmayne and larry juz had to take a pic of it n put right in front of my face!! argg...gross!!!
yep after sch i met up wif amy n con, n they came over to my place. we watched a movie on dvd while pigging out. con and me fell asleep halfway and amy continued watching. haha. after tt we sat at the balcony and talked n talked n talked. we talked till the sun set n the stars came out. so cool n romantic. except this is with me best buds not my soulmate. haha.
oh no i haven't done any work today. but oh well. im juz plain LAZY! haha i dun feel like going to sch tmr either. sigh but guess i hav no choice. at least im "taking fri off". heh. naughty me. =P
looking forward to the one week hols where i can once again slack!

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whoo hoo!!! i am back!!!! lalala finally decided to revive my blog...haha yep so to those who hav been bugging me...here it is!!! sigh it has been a long time, and so many things hav happened, so many events hav taken place...so shall leave it here for now...bye

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