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ooo wait i forgot..this song has been in my head since saturday..it realli keeps me going..
All My Life
All my life thru the good and bad of life,
Whether i should gain or lose,
Still i choose to live my live every moment
All for Thee, holding oh so close to Thee,
While im learning everyday,
Come what may, to trust in Thee
Take away the doubt that hides Thy perfect will
Give me faith instead and with Thy spirit fill
Then all my days, be the Guardian of my ways
And i'll know the golry of all Thy love
Thru all my days.

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wahhh first week of sch n its the start of exams!!!and all the papers i hav sat for so far were horrible [aren't they always :(]!!!esp todays paper..amaths!!!sick..well im not the onli who found it tough..everyone else did!!!its a killer paper!!!how depressing...o well...this is how life is..okay enuff complaining..hehe..u muz b wondering wat m i doing here blogging when im supposed to b studying..well im juz taking a tiny-weeny break then back to the books...sianzzz...looking forward to the weekends already...eeeks but this sat is chinese LC O's...hehe thank goodness its onli LC..not too bad i guess *cross fingers n toes* haha...kkz tt's all the crapping for today...sayonara for now *grinz*

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hey its friday!!!3 days before the end of the june hols n the start of a new term in sch (n the mid yr exams!!!)...o well this has to come sooner or later..though i hope it was later..haha..anw i muz say tt this hols was quite a fruitful one...not in the sense tt i studied alot (sad to say :P)..but rather i enjoyed myself tremendously playing hard n learning alot...hey but i did study too ok..haha..if i were to summarise my whole hols it would definately exceed 160 words!!!but in a nutshell, i did not regret one bit for all tt i did..o well life is a road has to keep going..n im sure we'll learn lots along the way..making new frens..coming across several obstacles as well as smooth going journeys...but we muz always put the Lord first in all we do.."seek ye first the kingdom of God"..n in the end we can confidently say "i hav lived my life to the fullest"..yep..smthg to ponder abt before going going back to our hectic life in sch..till then..muakz..
PS:im back blogging!!!realli find pleasure in it!!!wahahaha...
ooo take a look at these pics tt we took wif our frens from the philipines..they were here in singapore for a visit...
pics wif my frens from the philippines

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"today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday"

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heeeelllloooo...i hav a new layout for my blog!!!hehe so nice now...of coz wif help from my bro larhz...im an idiot when it comes to all these html thingies...wahahaha...okayz...its coming to the end of the hols soon...n the mid yrs r gonna start..n nxt comes prelims followed by O's!!!haiz..i marvel at how time flies..i wanna play bball!!!o well..tatazzz...

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