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LOVE makes the world go round.
LOVE either build you up or pull you down.
LOVE is something very hard to comprehend.
LOVE cannot be seen, but can be felt. like the wind.
LOVE is blind.
LOVE is kind.
LOVE is a gift from God.
treasure and cherish LOVE.

"Love never fails" 1 Corinthians 13:8

"My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth." 1 John 3:18

"We love HIM because HE first loved us." 1 John 4:19


having said all these, i hope to bring the message across that we do not need to seek love in material things, or even from people. because we are always and forever showered witht the love of God, which is far greater than tongue or pen can ever tell. all these i say, i speak for myself.

turn your eyes upon Jesus,
look full in His wonderful face.
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace.

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Rebecca Pippert tells a story that illustrates the transforming power of a proper understanding of the cross:

Several years ago after I had finished speaking at a conference, a lovely woman came to the platform. She obviously wanted to speak to me and the moment I turned to her, tears welled up in her eyes. We made our way to a room where we could talk privately. It was clear from looking at her that she was sensitive but tortured. She sobbed as she told me the following story.
Years before, she and her fiance (to whom she is now married) had been the youth workers at a large conservative church. They were a well-known couple and had an extraordinary impact on the young people. Everyone looked up to them and admired them tremendously. A few months before they were to be married they began having sexual relations. That left them burdened enough with a sense of guilt and hypocrisy. But then she discovered she was pregnant. "You can't imagine the implications would have been of admitting this to our church," she said. " To confess that we were preaching one thing and living another would have been in intolerable. The congregation was so conservative and had never been touched by any scandal. We felt they wouldn't be able to handle knowing about our situation. Nor could we bear the humiliation.
"So we made the most excruciating decision I have ever made. I had an abortion. My wedding say was the worst day of my entire life. Everyone in the church was smiling at me, thinking me as a bride beaming in innocence. But do you know what was going through my head as I walked down the aisle? All I could think to myself was, 'You're a murderer. You were so proud that you couldn't bear the the shame and humiliation of being exposed for what you are. But I know what you are and so does God. You have murdered an innocent baby."
She wa sobbing so deeply that she could not speak. As I put my arms around her a thought came to me very strongly. But I was afraid to say it. I knew if it was not from God that it could be very destructive. So I prayed silently for the wisdom to help her.
She continued, "I just can't believe that I could do something so horrible. How could I have murdered an innocent life? How is it possible I could do such a thing? I love my husband; we have four beautiful children. I know the Bible says that God forgives all of our sins. But I can't forgive myself! I've confessed this sin a thousand times, and I still feel such shame and sorrow. The though that haunts me the most is how could I murder an innocent life?"
I took a deep breath and said what Ihad been thinking. "I don't know why you are so surprised. This isn't the first time your sin has led to death; it's the secind." She looked at me in utter amazement. "My dear friend," I continued, "when you look at the cross, all of us show up as crucifiers. Religious or nonreligious, good or bad, aborters or nonaborters - all of us are responsible for the death of the only innocent who ever lived. Jesus died for all our sins - past, present, and future. Do you nthink there are any sins of yours that Jesus didn't have to die for? The very sin of pride that caused you to destroy your child is what killed Christ as well. It does not matter that you weren't there 2 thousand years ago. We all sent Him there. Luther said that we carry His very nails in our pockets. So if you have done it beofre, then why couldn't you do it again?"
She stopped crying. She looked at me straight in the eyes and said, "You're absolutely right. I have done something even worse than killing my baby. My sin is what drove Jesus to the cross. It doesn't matter that I wasn't there pounding the nails, I'm still responsible for his death. Do you realise the significance of what you're telling me? I came came to you saying I had done the worst thing imaginable. And you tell me I have done somthing even worse than that."
I grimaced because I knew this was true. (I am not sure that my approach would qualitfy as one of the great counseling techniques!) Then she said, "But if the cross shows me that I am far worse than I had ever imagined, it also shows me that my evil has been absorbed and forgiven. If the worst thing any human can do is kill God's Son, and that can be forgiven, then how can anything else - even my abortion- not be forgiven?"
I will never forget the look in her eyes as she sat back in awe and quietly said, "Talk about AMAZING GRACE." This time she wept not out of sorrow but from relief and gratitude. I saw a woman literally transformed by a proper understanding of the cross.

Just like this woman in this story, we need to hear the bad news of the cross before we can receive the good news. And for sinners like you and me, there's almost too much good news to take in.

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haha no, if you're thinking im some kind of maniac who goes around taking pictures of ppl scratching their butts, sorry but im not. haha. its a maniquin!!! haha at Esprit in Heeren. wahaha...im rather amused by it.
okay that was just for some entertainment.
study study study, how much more interesting (or boring) can life get? i realli wonder. yesterday i spent 13 hours studying at the macs opposite church. read again, 13 HOURS!!! haha. of cos i had some breaks in between, every now and then. i was studying with mervyn and serene. the 2 ppl who stay opposite the macs. and baba came to entertain us for a while. oh! i was saddened by the fact that games day was at depot walk. so far! i think if it was at amk i would have gone play captain's ball lah. though sean called to say his mum could send us there, we declined, all for the sake of studying! SIAN! sighhh...I WANT TO PLAY CAPTAIN'S BALL!!! sorry im just suffering from captain's ball withdrawal symptoms. haha.
well, at least tmr's saturday! a day to have BS and fellowship. whee hee! and the whole captain's ball team is gonna have pasta mania lunch! toke will be so happy. haha.
*71 days to the end of my misery...*
*for the joy of the Lord is my strength*

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reach high! JUMP UP!
JUMP! high up into the sky!
my bestest buddies!
whoa! darius and lucas!!!
look at the BEHIND the BEHIND the BEHIND
hee the four of us!
with our lil da jie!
the whole BAMK captain's ball team!
group pic!

haha this are just some random pictures taken during the FELLOWSHIP GAMES on saturday. we've been training so hard for this day, and indeed we had alot of fun and fellowship. it was great to get to know people from the other Brethren churches ie: Yio Chu Kang Chapel, Bethesda Katong, Bethesda Bukit Arang and Bethesda Serangoon. though we have not met before, it feels nice talking to each other cos we all know that we are all of God's people.
there was captain's ball, netball, basketball and soccer. seeing everyone so friendly despite the competition involved realli warmed my heart and made me feel the difference between playing with just any other person and playing with God's people.
i must say that even through this friendly game, it had taught me alot. i learnt that winning isn't everything, but the process and the outcome is what that matters. God taught me patience and tolerance, fellowship and love, kindness and humility. though at the end of the day, i was exhausted with a splitting headache, plus i was kinda sunburnt, looking back at the day and reflecting, it was a day of good fun and fellowship. the day i had been looking forward for so long ended with a good note, with memories that will last forever.
haha okay, i know i sound a little bit too sentimental, and its onli a friendly game and stuff, but that day realli made quite a big impact on me. it left me thinking about alot of stuff. and i guess it changed my perspection of certain issues. haha. confused? come look for me and we shall have a nice long talk over a cup of tea =P
and the night before, we had a sleepover at my place. we had a nice heart to heart talk throughout the night. and we slept at 0230. haha. as usual we laughed till we teared and tummy ached, all thanks to Baba! my honeypie sure knows how to cheer me up all the time.
see the importance of fellowship? inspired by mervyn's thank-you speech, i too want to thank my bestest pals: BABA, TOKE, WENGYIN and MERVYN, for always being there when i need you guys, for always encouraging and giving me advice when im at my wits' end, for loving me for who i am. A BIG THANK YOU AND A BIG HUG!!! =D
*take away the doubt that hides Thy perfect will*

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Step 1: lay veggie on the pan so that egg will not stick to the pan. for easy cooking.
Step 2: use ladles, spoons or whatever u have to block the egg from flowing round the pan, so as to not contaminate the other food.
Step 5: keep frying the egg for even cooking. remove all big pieces of veggie, and stir up the rest.
Step 3: if the egg still flows out, quick scoop it back in!!!
Step 6: follow all the steps well and you will get a successful product of gillian's scrambled eggs!
Step 4: keep the egg together, it'll be easier to fry it this way.

haha. so this is the recipie for Gillian's Scrambled Eggs! sorry the steps aren't in order. the arrangements of photos got a little screwed up. but it's okay, follow the steps in order, you will still get your successful scrambled eggs!
this was taken on national day eve when the girls from S76 went for lunch at Seoul Garden. i finally managed to get it up on the blog! hee.
for more pics go to --> national day eve photos

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