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arg...monday blues plus added depression...need to scream to let it all out...or will crying help?WAHHHHHH....

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hello!!!still in the chinese new yr mood...haha...getting a sore throat coz of all the goodies i ate...haha..esp pineapple tarts..yumz..well these few days hav been really fun..play play play eat eat eat...haha..n can u believe it?i played bb in the rain for 2 days in a row!!!haha...heavy rain mind u...totally drenched..n for both games i played wif really pro ppl...all so tyco one...haha..well the first was one the 2nd day of cny at amy's hse..the tyco ppl were isaac aaron n benn..haiyo..had to borrow clothes frm amy after the game..then the nxt day played wif dad's frens' kids..whoa we played at 9-10 pm in the rain!!!joseph was really gd..n nice too..supposed to teach me layups but no time..haix..haha..too bad din get his no. if not can get him to train me..haha..yup so i guess this can b added to the list of crazy stuff i do..haha...well tmr's back to sch..n i still hav a pile of hwk to do...hehe..naughty me...cya!

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heyheyhey....its chinese new yr!!!muz b wondering y im up so early rite?well i dunno...juz can't sleep...anw wishing u guys HAPPY CHINESE NEW YR!!!ooo i had a very enjoyable cny eve yesterday..haha...it started off in sch where we had the cny concert...its was ok but the funny part was when sarah tham kana saboed to go up on stage to demo the red ribbon...haha...super funny...she even tried to get away thru the backstage..yup...reunion dinner was fun..although it was onli like a normal dinner but u could juz feel the the joy n happiness of everyone getting together celebrating the festive season...tt's wat it's all abt rite?haha...so everyone...enjoy k?lalala...i was super high yesterday n still m today...ate half the container of pineapple tarts liao..oops...haha..so continue to feel high n be in the celebration mood ya?

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hello!!!!im in very good mood today...woke up on the right side of the bed this morning i guess...haha...anw went to sch at 7 for dance practice...for Thinking Day...guess wat?we got in for the audition!!!muz realli do our best man...than at 8, start of guides meeting...onli 6 sec1s turn up...saddening...but GB onli had 1...haha...we played a few games...one of which involves water...needless to say i participated in tt game..at the end of the game i ended up all drenched wif a reservoir of water in my skirt...all thanks to nanz...thanks girl...haha..after guides sec4s had ss class...sat thru 1 1/2 hrs listening to mr.anthony teaching us how to ans sourced based qns...blehz...then after tt had dance practice again..tired..but i still went for yp...amanda dropped her tooth halfway thru singspiration..haha..during bs we learnt abt the fall of man...then it was time for captain's ball...yay...my nose got hit by the ball...ouch..but it was nuttin compared to isaac's ankle...he was the guard n when he jumped to defend he landed on the rostrum n didn't land properly n so got a sprained ankle...well but according to him its feeling better...so thank God...still very happy...too happy to sleep...nah..still hav hwk to do n test to study for...eee...so stay happy alwayz :P

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yesterday during morning devotion,mr lim mentioned this phrase tt realli got me thinking..."you cannot not know..."well smthg for u guys to ponder abt too...wat can u cannot not noe?haha...well an example tt mr lim gave was..u cannot not noe tt God loves u...tt is sooo true...anw today passed rather quickly...nuttin much...n sad thing is...we din get to go home early!!!no early dismissal for us sec4s...sighz...we had to stay back for peer-tutoring for chem...well wat do u expect for being sec4???the teachers juz show us no mercy...haha...n its only the beginning!!!so expect to hear more compaints...hehe...

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hey everyone...time is passing so quickly yet slowly..haha..dun get wat i mean rite???nvm..hehe..anw juz wanna say tt IM FEELING SICK RITE NOW!!!ahem...ya..well to start off i've got inflamed tonsils,a headache and suffering frm lack of sleep..plus a whole load of hwk!!!which means no time to rest..haiz..sounds pathetic rite?well too bad for me...so ya..gotta finish tt pile of hwk...byebye...*sob sob*

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"GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME"...im beginning to realise this more as the days go on...honest...5th day in sch n i got lots of hwk..haiz...sleeping kinda late these days...so tired...so much so tt i was nodding off in chinese class...gd thing i sit right at the back...haha...naughty naughty...anw i dun think i'll be updating my blog as often anymore...cos i'll be kinda bz wif sch work n preparing for BLASTIFIED '04...hehe...even if i do it'll b knda short..so dun be sad...if u wanna noe anything come find me..haha =P

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although today's the first sunday of the yr n we all meet our new ss teachers,im feeling kinda gloomy..dunno y..yeah i noe being anxious over things is not rite but i can't help it..suddenly feel like im facing lots of probs [i noe im not the onli who's going thru this..]..mayb wat i need is someone to confide in...but who???ok so drop it..anw on a brighter note im going back to sch tmr...ok mayb not tt "bright" but still tt means seeing my frens again..haha..but it oso means starting lessons proper,getting tons of hwk,etc etc...n i haven't finished some of my hol hwk yet!!!haha...so now u c im a slacker huh...but my new yr resolution includes "not to slack so much" n "study harder"..so i muz live up to my resolution...I MUZ NOT SLACK!!!honestly i think i aim too high..haha..but watever...tata..hwk time...haiz...

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hello...todays' saturday...n im so happy...haha...thank goodness hav no guides meeting today..not tt i dread it but im still in my holiday mood...haha...ok so anw...the PLs [me serene nanz sam mich mello bev nithya eunice] had another meeting at my mum's cafe...haha...well at times when we get bored or start to drift away we would play darts [eunice can't throw darts properly...everyone stay away frm her when she throws..or get killed!!!] or take pics..haha..ok tt's call slacking i noe...but at least we were productive!!!hehe...so after tt i went to church..the yp joined the cc in singing today...kinda fun...had fun in indoor games today too..haha...joleen vanessa n auntie karen r gonna b my BS leaders...yay...hope to be enlightened by them!!!hehe...we played captain's ball after yp...FUN!!!ok so mayb i din touch the ball much but still FUN!!!funny thing was we girls din get a chance to touch the ball at first but after the rules were changed to "only girls can score" all the girls managed to feel the ball...haha...i was starving before the game but surprisingly i wasn't after tt...so i shared a plate of hokkien mee wif amy..haha...then went home...sighz...tired...but i realli enjoyed myself..so i realli hope to b able to attend yp regularly..not onli bcoz its fun but oso coz i can realli grow in the Lord...yupz...so all the best u guys!!!

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as the new yr has started we muz still remember the grace of God n give thanks to Him..this song is perfect to sing ur thanksgiving unto Him..b it gd or bad thank the Lord for all tt He has done for us..amen..

Thanks to God for my Redeemer
Thanks for all Thou dost provide
Thanks for times now but a mem'ry
Thanks for Jesus by my side
Thanks for pleasant balmy springtide
Thanks for dark and dreary fall
Thanks for tears by now forgotten
Thanks for peace within my soul.

Thanks for prayers that Thou hast answered
Thanks for what Thou dost deny
Thanks for storms that i have weathered
Thanks for all Thou dost supply
Thanks for pain and thanks for pleasure
Thanks for comfort in despair
Thanks for grace that none can measure
Thanks for love beyond compare.

Thanks for roses by wayside
Thanks for thorns their stems contain
Thanks for home and thanks for fireside
Thanks for hope that sweet refrain
Thanks for joy and thanks for sorrow
Thanks for heavenly peace with Thee
Thanks for hope in the tomorrow
Thanks thru all eternally.

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heyhey!!!so how's the first day of sch???heard some bad feedback frm some ppl...hehe...ok so bad for some gd for some...well i guess it was great for me!!!when i step foot into sch ground today i could juz feel the sch atmoshpere again...everyone running around saying hi to each other...the teachers busily trying to get everyone in order...man...juz like the gd old days...haha...[sound so old liddat..haha..]...when i saw my frens i ran over to them n almost gave all of them a hug...so happy to c them!!!but actually its not like i din c them during the hols...its juz a different feeling when u r in sch...haha...weird huh???ok so we assembled in the hall...when everyone has settled down the sec1s came in...this yr's sec1 batch very small size!!!haha...no offense...mrs lee gave her long speech [as usual =x]..my class kana a new teacher as form teacher...she's ok lah...so great to b back wif my wacko class..haha..but bad thing abt today was tt we were told tt we hav test every wk!!well mayb not tt surprising hor?thank goodness the teachers teaching us this yr r not so bad...well mayb except for some...hehe...the PLs stayed back today to discuss the script for our cf...haha...fun to b back in sch n back to business...n back to our kerosene smelling guides rm...hey but today we din spread out siti's mat!!!haha...haiz...realised how much i missed my hols!!!haha...well so i had a fun day at sch today...for those who didn't...dun b sad coz its onli the beginning...mayb things will change for the better..always look to God in prayer n He will direct ur path...plus *always look on the bright side of life!!!*

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ok so now im updating my blog..to those who complained i haven't been doing so..haha..well its a brand new yr with brand new challenges..r u guys ready to face them???do u hav a new yr resolution??if u do..muz stick to it k?hehe...i hope i stick to mine..its not gonna b ez..but by the grace of God we can do it...yeah...ok now another long grandma story abt how i spent my new yr's eve..hehe..well i started the day doing hwk wif the help of my "cuz" benn..hehe...then we went to lisa'a hse for dinner..we managed to find our way to her hse with no thanks to his drawn out map..haha..lisa's dog is sooo cute...n she has a roof top garden!!!cool!!!hehe..anw we had dinner there..n spent the rest of the nite up on the roof star gazing n chatting..[the ppl present then were:me lisa stacy benn daniel daniel's sis andrew guoquan kenneth]..then all of us went to pick isaac up frn the mrt station..haha welcome party...we stopped to play at the playground..haha...well we've got a deprived childhood so dun blame us..haha..anw back at lisa's home...everyone else were making their way to watchnight service...but me benn isaac n stacy stayed at lisa's hse coz she persuaded us wif her long story y we shouldn't go for watchnite...she tried tt on the others too...but unfortunately it wasn't tt successful..hehe... n oso coz stacy said in her resolution tt she wouldn't tok to me for a whole yr if i went for watchnite...haha...so the remaining of us we back up to the roof n stayed there all the way till midnite...we laid out 2 mats n all 5 of us were lying on the ground star gazing..we ate chocolates,listened to the radio,bounced the ball [n got told off],chit chat,fight over the mats,shared our new yr resolutions n lots of other crazy stuff while waiting for midnite to come...finally it was time to countdown to 2004...we called liling n screamed happy new yr over the phone..haha..we could c flares in the sky...so cool...but sadly we had to go home...we said our gd byes n went home...haiz..2003 has left me wif so many gd n bad memories...wonder wat 2004 has in store for me...i'll juz hav to go thru it n find out for myself..if God willing..haha..so all the best!!! n happy new yr!!!

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